What are we discussing? Top Milton Neighbors posts – February 2021

Milton Neighbors most popular top posts
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What are we discussing? Top Milton Neighbors posts – February 2021

Wondering what the top Milton Neighbors posts for February 2021 were?

We’ve summarized the top posts for you from the past 28 days.

1. Quincy vs. Milton back to “live” school status

“Ok so Quincy school back full time ? What are we doing Milton ??”

2. Old, old photo of East Milton Square

“Traveling down memory lane through East Milton Square.”

Traveling down memory lane through East Milton Square

Posted by Filming and Photography in Quincy & Neighboring Communities on Saturday, January 30, 2021

3. TV show suggestions needed

“Looking for a new binge worthy show to watch!”

4. Town of Milton challenge coin presented to 100 yr old James Federico, WW2 Army Veteran

“It was my honor and distinct privilege to present The Town of Milton challenge coin to 100 yr old James Federico WW2 Army Veteran today. He is well and his family is taking great care to keep him that way. Senator Walter Timilty presented him with a Senate Citation in honor of 100th Birthday. We salute him for his service to our nation and wish him well on this great occasion 🎖 🇺🇸”

5. Displeasure with plowing in Milton

“I don’t get it: a plow going up and down Audubon Rd and it’s pouring rain !”

6. Milton Board of Health vaccination clinic success

The Milton Health Dept. had a great clinic on Wednesday giving out first doses of the Moderna vaccine to resident 75 and…

Posted by Milton Board of Health on Friday, February 5, 2021

7. Help with navigating vaccine appointment systems needed

“Does anyone have any up to date (Today, Monday February 22nd) tips on how to navigate the vaccine appointment system(s)? I’ve heard people here recommending the Walgreens but that’s not working; you can only book the 1st and 2nd appointment at the same time and while there are any number of 1st appointments available, there’s no availability for the 2nd one, so the system wont allow you to proceed. So no luck there. (have no idea why they can’t just book the 1st one, then schedule the 2nd one later. Larger sites are either full or making fools of us wasting our time.”

8. Concerns about natural gas odor

“Sooo… for the past 5-10 years or so there has been a strong odor of natural gas outside my house. We have made MULTIPLE calls to National Grid. Sometimes they would come out and check, occasionally dig a hole then leave. Thursday they showed up and worked til the very early morning- 2 am or so. Yesterday they showed up between 4-5 pm and worked til 2:30 am digging holes, compacting and otherwise making lots of noise. When I called they said the reason they had to work overnight was that the levels of gas were at “ dangerous levels”! So you wait until the levels are “ dangerous” before making repairs!? ….”

9. What are MN’s favorite take out spots?

“What are MN’s favorite take out spots these days? We’re trying to mix it up weekly to support restaurants in the pandemic. We had an amazing meal from Myers and Chang last week and enjoyed the pub fare at CF MyCarthy’s in Canton the week before….”

10. A plea to stop complaints about plowing

“Since we are in the middle of a storm: some of your friends and neighbors right here in milton are out, all night, in the cold, away from their families, salting and plowing so the roads can be safe for YOU tomorrow. i’m a librarian, i wouldn’t expect my husband to know how to do my job. just like i wouldn’t know how to do his job. so maybe instead of CONSTANTLY critiquing every time it snows, have a little patience. there is an art and a science to this that you don’t know. also, if you’re mad about the end of your driveway getting plowed in: anyone can introduce a warrant article to increase the dpw budget so that they can take more time and care to not leave snow in each and every one of the 15,000 plus driveways in milton. #LoveThyNeighbor”

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