Stephen M. Kelleher announces candidacy for Town Meeting Member, Precinct 8

Stephen M. Kelleher
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Stephen M. Kelleher announces candidacy for Town Meeting Member, Precinct 8

Stephen M. Kelleher of 93 Nancy Road has announced he will be a candidate for re-election as Town Meeting Member in Precinct 8 for the April 27, 2021 Town Election. Kelleher is a lifelong resident of Milton, and former Town Meeting Member in Precinct Four.

“I am excited to have the opportunity to continue advocating for residents of Precinct 8, by serving on Town Meeting. I look forward to working with elected officials on the articles in the Warrant including the town budgets, zoning and citizen articles. I seek to maintain and enhance the existing character and quality of life in Milton.”

Kelleher has a strong commitment to supporting building and renovating 100 year old fire stations in Milton, that are among the oldest in the state. The firefighters deserve safe working environment, which meet all current national fire safety requirements. Kelleher looks forward to the finalization of a new location for the fire station in East Milton. Kelleher is hopeful with the prospect of locating it more centrally with 75% of the calls, and 70% of the homes coming from the west side of route I93.

Kelleher looks forward to the annual budget discussions for all town departments including public safety and schools. There are also some planning board articles that will be part of the warrant. “I am expecting another challenging year with managing the fiscal budget.”

Kelleher is also concerned about the proposal that has been withdrawn by the applicant without prejudice from the planning and zoning boards for a funeral home on the corner of Reedsdale Road and Randolph Avenue. Kelleher is familiar with this site being within precinct 8. “This intersection is one of the busiest in town during rush hour. Additional traffic in this intersection for a funeral home will only exacerbate the problem. The speeds are a problem on Randolph Avenue, which town meeting validated by voting unanimously in favor of initiative to lower the speed limit on the state highway.”

Kelleher has a graduate degree in Health Services Administration from Suffolk University. In September 2020, Kelleher was appointed to the Board of Directors at Suffolk University. Kelleher serves on the Development Committee and has been involved in collaborating with leadership team and trustees on the strategic plan for 2025. Kelleher also serves as an Ambassador to the Graduate Admissions, and has been working to promote the university in the new virtual online environment.

Kelleher is passionate about access to health care; including behavioral health. This has been a focus for Kelleher. Currently, Kelleher is a finalist for a position on the Board of Directors of Riverside Community Care, an independent behavioral healthcare organization with over 1,700 employees, and a $100 million budget.

Kelleher has a Master of Science degree from Salve Regina University, and an undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree from Salve Regina University. Kelleher has been employed in health care administration at health plans, physician hospital health care systems and pharmaceutical industry. Kelleher seeks to bring his background in business administration to the Town Meeting member role.

“I will strive to listen to the residents of Precinct 8 and make informed decisions. I will seek to understand the different viewpoints on issues. I sincerely ask for one of your votes for Town Meeting Member in Precinct 8 on April 27, 2021, so I may continue to represent you and our neighbors.”





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