Milton Council on Aging to launch Discovery Center for Civic Engagement

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Milton Council on Aging to launch Discovery Center for Civic Engagement

We are excited to announce the Milton Council on Aging has been selected to partner with The Discovery Center for Civic Engagement as a host site in Massachusetts.

After building careers and/or raising families, many people at midlife are asking, “What’s next?” No longer content with simply “retiring,” people want to discover ways to live a meaningful life full of possibility.  

Research shows that an active, purpose-driven life is closely related to health, happiness, and longevity. To that end, a growing majority of older adults seek opportunities, paid or unpaid, that make a difference in their lives and their communities. The question is how to go about finding those opportunities. That is where the Discovery Center for Civic Engagement @ the Milton Council on Aging can help.

The Discovery Center offers ideas, resources, and a peer support system to help those 55 and older seek a stronger sense of purpose in their work, engage in their communities, and create balance in their lives. 

The Discovery Center will provide peer coaching to help people through our Council on Aging to engage with nonprofits, government agencies and other organizations to use their skills and experience in purposeful work. In addition to peer coaching provided by Transition Navigators®, the Center will also provide resources, including information on volunteer opportunities in our community and beyond, as well as providing seminars and relevant materials. 

“The Discovery Center is designed to support our goal of being a community resource,” said Christine Stanton, Director of Milton Council on Aging. “As our older adults increasingly engage in our community, we will help change the perception of older adults and their abilities to make a real difference and positive impact in the world.”

Please join us on Thursday, May 6 at 1:00 pm via Zoom to hear more about this wonderful opportunity, the Transition Navigator role, and how you can make a difference. To register call: 617-898-4893.

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