Milton Police Log: July 30 – August 7 , 2021

milton police log
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Milton Police Log: July 30 – August 7 , 2021

07/30/2021 04:05 BLUE HILL AVENUE Assist Other Departments

State PD requests EMS for party who possibly overdosed near the Curry College entrance. State police already had two troopers off with the party who was conscious and breathing. Fire and Fallon notified. State Police took party into custody.

07/30/2021 17:23 ADAMS STREET Larceny-Bicycle

Walk in party reports stolen bicycle. See report.

07/30/2021 17:40 KAHLER AVENUE Animal Complaint

Caller reports dog barking for an extended amount of time. Officer searched area with negative results.

07/30/2021 20:33 CENTRAL AVENUE Suspicious Activity

Caller reports vehicles in parking lot after dark. Officer reports vehicle was moved.

07/30/2021 22:45 CENTRAL AVENUE / BROOK ROAD Accident – H&R

911 caller reports vehicle struck and took down traffic signal and fled scene. Officer reports repairs to signal can wait till morning. DPW notified. Officer searched area and surrounding area with negative results.

07/30/2021 23:56 EDGEHILL ROAD Youth/Disturbance

Cunningham security reported youths jumping in Cunningham pool. Officer reported youths left prior to his arrival. A cell phone was recovered on scene. Item was tagged and placed on the front counter of the police station.

07/31/2021 02:03 ALVIN AVENUE Stolen MV Recovered

Caller reported a suspicious vehicle in the above area. Officer reported MA Reg 1JNZ78 was the vehicle in question. Vehicle had heavy front end damage. Officer could not locate the operator or the area were the vehicle had crashed. Auto service notified for a tow. See report for particulars.

07/31/2021 07:07 HIGHLAND STREET Missing Person

Party came into the station to report a relative who is homeless missing. Missing party was last heard from on Sunday 7-25-21 via text. Party enter missing into NCI M936386718 see person screen.

07/31/2021 07:48 CANTON AVENUE Suspicious Activity

Caller reports unknown parties in his mother’s vacant home. Officers searched home and reported forced entry and no one was in the home. See report.

07/31/2021 09:57 CAROLINE DRIVE Larceny

911 caller reports fraud. See report.

07/31/2021 12:43 MEREDITH CIRCLE Animal Complaint

Caller reports sick coyote. Officer reports coyote was gone prior to arrival.

07/31/2021 12:56 ADAMS STREET Assist Other Departments

Boston PD requested officer assist while attempting to stop MA reg 1CNL48. Officer reports Boston PD has one in custody.

07/31/2021 18:01 BELCHER CIRCLE Animal Complaint

Caller reports deceased rabbit in batting cages. DPW notiifed.

07/31/2021 20:31 GILE ROAD Neighbor Disturbance

Caller reports fireworks being set off in area. Officer searched area with negative results.

07/31/2021 20:36 ALLERTON ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reports his neighbors lights continuously going on and off. Officer reports house is secure and appears to be having a light timer malfunction. Homeowner notified and satisfied.

07/31/2021 21:33 ELIOT STREET Suspicious Activity

911 caller reports hearing gun shots possibly from Mattapan. Dispatch notifies Boston Pd who confirms shot spotter activation in the area of Mattapan Square. Officer searches Eliot Street with negative results.

07/31/2021 22:31 INDIAN SPRING ROAD Neighbor Disturbance

Caller reports noise complaint.Officer reports speaking to the home owner who was advised to turn the music off for the night. Peace Restored.

08/01/2021 17:38 NEPONSET VALLEY PKY / BRUSH HILL ROAD Assist Other Departments

911 Caller reports MVA. Officer reports MA Reg 53G140 and MA Reg 7DP968. State PD notified and handled.

08/01/2021 18:55 POPES POND Suspicious Activity

Caller reports seeing a party holding what appeared to be a handgun. Officer located the party in MA reg 1ZFL33 and reports it was an air soft gun and that no crime was committed. Officer spoke to the caller about the incident. Caller satisfied. See persons screen.

08/02/2021 09:02 COLUMBINE ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reports suspicious dumping in front of residence. Officer reports barrel will be removed from premises. DPW notified.

08/02/2021 10:38 BROOK ROAD Items – Lost-Missing

Caller reports their trash bin was stolen. See report.

08/02/2021 11:14 BRUSH HILL ROAD Animal Complaint

Caller reports that their is a deceased dog in the backyard. Animal Control notified and handled.

08/02/2021 11:34 BLUE HILLS PARKWAY / CANTON AVENUE Assist Other Departments

911 Caller reports MVA. Fire, Fallon and State PD notified. Officer reports MA Reg 80312. State PD Handled.

08/02/2021 11:35 BROOK ROAD / ST MARY’S ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller requests to speak to an officer regarding a package taken off the front porch. Officer reports MA Reg EV5913 was seen taking the package. Officer got in contact with the owner and he reports he is friends with the homeowner and they asked him to take the package.

08/02/2021 12:08 CLAPP STREET Suspicious Activity

Walk in party requested advise on a issue she is having with a friend. See report.

08/02/2021 13:44 VERNDALE ROAD Neighbor Disturbance

Walk in party reports neighbor dispute. See Report.

08/02/2021 15:34 GRANITE AVENUE Assist Other Departments

Caller reports motor vehicle accident. Officer reports accident happend on highway and was advised to file the report through State PD.Officer reports MA REG 4SR781 and MA REG 1PT238.

08/02/2021 17:02 HILLSIDE STREET / FORD RANCH ROAD Accident – P/D

State PD Milton reports an abandoned vehicle with front end damage in the above area. Officer reports MA reg 687MZ7. Auto Service and Tire notified. See report.

08/02/2021 17:03 AZALEA DRIVE Missing Person

Caller reports husband went for a walk an hour ago and has not returned. Officer searched area and surround area and located party on Clapp St. Fallon was notified for an evaluation. Officer reports patient refusal. Party was transported home by wife.

08/02/2021 19:50 HIGHLAND STREET Assist Other Departments

Bi Milton reports evidence collected for a crime that happened out of town. Detective notified to pick up evidence. See report.

08/02/2021 21:10 THOMPSON LANE Animal Complaint

Caller reports a bat in her living room. Officer attempted to remove bat but was unsuccessful.

08/03/2021 09:58 CHEEVER STREET Larceny

911 caller reports one of her two license plates is missing. Ma reg 3KKP81. Plate was entered into Leaps as stolen. NIC # P737590391. See report.

08/03/2021 09:55 BROOK ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reports vehicle MA Reg 1MFX12 parked behind the gym. Vehicle owner was unable to be raised. Caller was notified to contact private tow company.

08/03/2021 10:55 ADAMS STREET Accident – P/D

Officer on detail reports MVA. Officer reports MA Reg LRM2, ME Trailer Reg 437004Z, and US DOT# 1293749. Vehicle operator will contact private tow company.

08/03/2021 12:05 ANNAPOLIS ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reports an issue with family over personal belongings. Officers advised all parties involved of their options. See report.

08/03/2021 13:56 HIGH STREET Suspicious Activity

Caller reports that he believes his mail is being stolen. See report.

08/03/2021 14:04 HUNTINGTON ROAD Harrassing Calls

Walk in party reports her daughter has been receiving harassing text messages. See report.

08/03/2021 15:12 RANDOLPH AVENUE / HALLEN AVENUE Accident – H&R

Walk in party reports past hit and run. Report to be written on next tour of duty.

08/03/2021 16:56 GRANITE AVENUE Suspicious Activity

Caller reports rolling domestic. Black Chrysler 200 MA REG 1YHL26. Caller reports vehicle went onto 93 north bound. State Police notified.

08/03/2021 18:20 WENDELL PARK Suspicious Activity

Caller reports party is following him. Officer talked to both parties and peace has been restored.

08/03/2021 19:05 PLEASANT STREET Suspicious Activity

Caller reports he was riding a bike and someone threw something at him. Caller Reports MA REG 148JM1. Officer spoke with both parties involved. See report.

08/03/2021 22:15 HIGHLAND STREET Suspicious Activity

Caller possible DK party that made threats of throwing dog out of window. Officer reports MA REG 2DHS35. Officer report vehicle will be left in parking lot over night. Party Ubered home with the dog. Peace resorted.

08/04/2021 08:23 BROOK ROAD Suspicious Activity

Officer spoke with an unknown party in front of the residence. Officer reports the home owner was notified and confirmed that the party was there to work on the house.

08/04/2021 08:56 SILVERBROOK ROAD Assist Other Departments

Canton PD requests an officer to check the residence for a party who has left a vehicle parked in their town. Party called the station back and she was informed to contact Canton PD.

08/04/2021 09:31 OAK STREET Animal Complaint

Caller reports an injured squirrel in the above area. ACO notified for handle.

08/04/2021 10:34 BOULEVARD STREET / BRYANT AVENUE Accident – P/D

Officer reports MVA. Officer reports MA Reg IC53KB and that the other vehicle left prior to officer arrival. Officer reports both parties exchanged papers.

08/04/2021 12:17 BLUE HILLS PARKWAY Suspicious Activity

Caller reports a group of adult males playing loud music and causing a disturbance in the above area. Officer reports the music was turned down.

08/04/2021 15:33 BROOK/OTIS Accident – P/I

911 Caller reports a two car MVA. Fire and Fallon notified. Officer reports MA reg 3KNT39 and MA reg 9PXT90. Auto Service and Tire notified. See report.

08/04/2021 16:01 ROUTE 93 SOUTH Assist Other Departments

State PD request EMS for an MVA. Fire and Fallon notified. Prior to arrival, State PD reports accident is in Quincy.

08/04/2021 17:31 ABERDEEN ROAD Animal Complaint

911 caller reports a loose German Shepard. ACO arrived on scene. Owner of dog contacted. Officer reports dog is back home.

08/04/2021 17:44 HIGHLAND STREET Missing Person – Located

Wanda Otero Sanchez sister of Hector Luis Flores Sanchez called to report he was located at Boston Medical Center. Boston Medical Center confirmed party was there. Missing person was canceled. NIC936386718.

08/04/2021 19:37 KAHLER AVENUE Suspicious Activity

Caller reports party needs medical attention from drug/alcohol use. Fallon notified. Fallon transported one to BI Milton. Further investigation suggests possible sexual assault. See report.

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