Kidney needed For Jimmy Yee – local neighbor needs a transplant

Kidney needed For Jimmy Yee - local neighbor needs a transplant
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Kidney needed For Jimmy Yee – local neighbor needs a transplant

Who is Jimmy?

My name is Jimmy Yee and I need a kidney to live. While in college, I became interested in addressing medical and health issues using applied mathematics, specifically data analysis, trends, and commonalties. With a degree in mathematics and statistics, I hope to work in medical research where I can help others using my skills.

I am an outdoors person. Before dialysis, my biggest physical achievement was climbing Mount Monadnock. Climbing this 3166’ elevation was so much fun. The view from the peak was inspirational. I dream about climbing it again someday. I love to play guitar-both electric and acoustic. I’ve performed in a jazz band playing at community events. I have helped build an online patient support virtual community for transplant recipients. When I hopefully receive my kidney transplant, I will continue helping others.

What happened?

Essentially, medicines prescribed to me to treat bladder cancer (I am cancer free) due to toxic chemical exposure damaged my kidneys.

Members of my family are medically disqualified from donating for me. A kidney transplant will save my life and enable me to continue my work helping others, including in the kidney transplant area.

How a kidney transplant will affect my life

A kidney transplant will restore my quality of life, allow me to live freely and get off dialysis which is not a long-term solution. With a kidney transplant, I will be able to live a normal life.

How to help me:

You can help me by sharing my story and the link for this webpage via social media and email. Just by sharing my story you will help to save my life. Sharing would be like throwing a life preserver into the water to save me from drowning without jumping into the water with me. If an interested person wants to speak with a person confidentially for more information without any obligation to proceed further, they could click on the button “Register to donate for Jimmy.” A knowledgeable person will be in touch with them.

Learn more about Jimmy & share his story.

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