Resources for helping those suffering in Ukraine

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Resources for helping those suffering in Ukraine

Ukraine is now in week three of being invaded by Russia. Many Milton Neighbors have inquired about ways to help.

We have catalogued recommended resources here.*


Offer stays for free or at a discount through, or donate to help our funding stretch further.

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Christ the King Ukranian Catholic Church – Jamaica Plain

Donations provide financial support for those in need in Ukraine

Direct Relief Ukraine

Direct Relief working with Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and other groups in the region to provide requested medical aid, from oxygen concentrators to critical care medicines – while preparing to offer longer-term aid to people displaced or affected by the war.

Disaster Emergency Committee

Families fleeing the conflict have left their homes with only the items they were able to carry. Help us provide food, water, shelter, healthcare and protection.

DIOZ – animal rescue

A Polish organization helping Ukrainian representatives of organizations saving pets.

Global Empowerment Mission

Providing emergency assistance to people in crisis – an initiative in partnership with Global Empowerment Mission.

International Red Cross

“I am gravely concerned for the safety of communities in Ukraine. Our message to the parties to the conflict is clear: uphold International Humanitarian Law, protect civilians and essential services”. Peter Maurer, President, ICRC.


As tensions rise in eastern Ukraine, UNICEF ramps up efforts to deliver aid to hundreds of thousands of children and families whose lives and futures hang in the balance. How UNICEF is working to ease extreme hardships brought on by seven years of armed conflict and to meet urgent and escalating needs for safe water, health care, nutrition and protection.

United Ukranian American Relief Committee, Inc.

Your donations will be used for the purchase of medical supplies and equipment sent to our contacts and volunteer network in Ukraine.

Vostok SOS

Vostok SOS is responding to the escalating situation with a comprehensive humanitarian campaign. We help people evacuate, and provide humanitarian aid and psychosocial support. We have hotlines open for affected people and our team is on the ground in the region, ready to coordinate aid.

World Central Kitchen

Serving thousands of fresh meals to Ukrainian families fleeing home as well as those who remain in the country


*The Milton Scene does not endorse these resources. This is a collection of recommendations collected from the Milton Neighbors group and beyond.


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