A tale of two Andrews

Andrew Lieberman and Andy D'Amato
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A tale of two Andrews

Andrew Lieberman and Andy D'Amato and friendIn the summer of 1979, recent art school graduate (and longtime Milton resident) Andrew D’Amato was looking for a way to pay off a few debts. Having apprenticed for a number of years in a family owned painting business, he realized he had the necessary skills to start up his own company, and R&B Painting was born.

A couple years down the road, Andrew Lieberman, an acting student and recent art school grad in need of a summer job, grabbed a brush and jumped on board. Over time the two Andrews became partners, making an easy, if obvious name change along the way: Andrews Painting Inc. Thus began the longest summer gig on record, and the rest, as they say, is history.

In the intervening years, the two Andrews have picked up quite a few skills and honed their techniques in both interior and exterior applications. They’ve also gained an understanding of what it means to be successful in running a small, service-oriented business. With their fine arts background, both have an appreciation of architecture and design, and a keen eye for color and aesthetics which translates to being able to better assist the customer in bringing their project to life.

About Andrews Painting:

Andrews Painting Inc. is a full-service Milton-based painting company serving Greater Boston and surrounding communities since 1982. While we specialize in older home restoration, we welcome all manner of interior and exterior projects, from ranch homes to the most elaborate Victorian. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our ability to complete a job on schedule.

Andrews painting example work

What makes your business special?

Our 40 years of experience, which gives us the systems and skills to give the client the best possible job within their stated budget. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart from our competitors, whether it’s our meticulous preparation or something as simple as mopping the kitchen floor at the end of the day. One of the two owners—Andy D’Amato and Andrew Lieberman— are almost always on site working side by side with the staff. This assures the consistency and quality of each project.

(p.s. We also won the Milton Neighbors Choice Award for 2022!)

What do you love most about your customers?

Andrews painting example workWe appreciate when a customer recognizes the care we take when working on their home. The vast majority of our clients really love their homes and we enjoy sharing that passion with them, whether it’s a particular architectural detail or the origins of a certain style. We also enjoy getting to know the family, pets included, and we’ve remained friends with a good number of our customers over many years time.

What is your customer’s favorite service or product that you offer?

Our customers appreciate our honesty and communication skills. We make it a point to include owners in important decision making and keep them updated as to our progress. We encourage our customers to participate in the process and add whatever input is important to them.

Our wide range of ancillary services surprises people. We have been doing older window restoration and weatherizing , kitchen cabinet painting , and related carpentry for decades. We even have a custom cabinet maker on staff for that unique island or window seat.

  • Andrews painting example work

What do you like to sell most to your customer?

Andrews painting example workConfidence. The confidence that the job is going to be done with the utmost professionalism and with the least amount of intrusion into the owners’ daily routine, while maintaining respect for their property and privacy. And confidence that the job will be completed in a timely manner.

We are lead paint safety trained and certified and have a proven system to mitigate dust migration.

What’s been the best part about owning/running this business?

There are a few “best parts”. The first is seeing the smile on our customers’ faces when they see their vision come to life. We’ve also greatly enjoyed meeting new and interesting people over the years.

Being able to select the projects and people we work for—as well as those who work for us!—has been a very satisfying aspect of running our business.

We’ve been able to shape the culture of our company by carefully screening our staff for the best craftspeople who are also very nice people in general. After all we work together daily, and these are the folks we’ve chosen to represent our business.

Why did you choose to establish your business in the area?

After working for many years on antique homes largely in the Boston and Cambridge areas we decided to transition business closer to home; both owners live on the South Shore (and in antique houses built in the 1800’s) .

Andrew L. is a fairly recent emigre to Abington and Andy D. has been a resident of Milton for over 30 years with his wife Suzanne Lombardi who was born here in Milton.

Working closer to home creates more of a neighborly vibe and imparts an added sense of responsibility we feel in assuring the satisfaction of our local clients. After all you never know when our paths may cross at the Fruit Center or The Plate. We want that encounter to be a pleasant one.

Looking for impeccable work?

Our work has been featured in publications such as This Old House, Better Homes and Garden, House Beautiful, Builder/Architect to name a few. We are fully licensed and insured and are happy to provide references and certifications upon request.

Check out Andrews Painting for your meticulous interior and exterior painting needs:

Andrews painting example work


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