Recommended locations for teaching Milton teens how to drive

Milton recommended student driver spots
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Recommended locations for teaching Milton teens how to drive

A Milton Neighbor recently asked for recommendations on where to go for teaching a teen how to drive:

Hi neighbors, I am teaching my son how to drive. Any recommendations for where to go? Gone to Ulin for parking… cemeteries? Where to practice driving, please? Early driving skills? 😉

Here are some (unofficial) recommended locations for practicing driving from residents:

It’s a little ways from Milton, but Union Point in Weymouth has good places to practice.

Up by the old Reebok headquarters and the new trillium is good for off hours.

Not the cemetery: It actually has signs posted at the cemetery not to teach your kids to drive there…

Behind the [South Shore] Plaza there’s a ton of space

Drive around Fontbonne

Indian Hills

Down Marina Bay over [where] the ferry pickup is. Large parking lot with hardly any cars.

Forest Hills Cemetery

We would go over by Meadow Rd , it was an old Warehouse facility with large parking lots.

Crown Colony at night, it’s almost a ghost town, plenty of streets to practice on.

Blue Hills Tech and Massasoit have a road that goes around and between the schools with multiple lots, although less busy in summer and on 

Crown Colony in Quincy is great. Especially on a Sunday.

Crown colony – couple of large lots and roads off the beaten path to drive around on.

Just drive. Make a plan. We are going to drive to the Shore Shore Plaza. Home Depot and back. Milton Market. He has to learn lane changing. Pissed off drivers. Speed limits. But most importantly safety. Flat tire. snow. Etc.

Indian Cliffs

Edge hill road across from the school and the park could practice parking

Marina Bay

I second Crown Colony. I taught both of my boys how to drive there. Worked out great!

Cedar Grove Cemetery

We went to St pious.

Crown Colony is good or the mall before it opens or Sunday after it closes

State street complex in north Quincy especially on weekends

South shore plaza back lot past target. They practice bus driving their too

If he can go through an intersection and do a left turn on Randolph. He can drive anywhere on earth safely.

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