What are we discussing? Top Milton Neighbors posts – October 2022

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What are we discussing? Top Milton Neighbors posts – October 2022

Wondering what the top Milton Neighbors posts for were this past month?

We’ve summarized the top posts for you from the past month.

1. A gorgeous autumn shot of Pope’s Pond

“Popes Pond doing its thing tonight”Pope's Pond by Kevin Hardy

2. Mystery animal

“Not sure what is it, but it seems hurt. What would be the best number to contact for pickup? I Don’t know how it should be handled.”

Milton Neighbors weigh in on what this mystery animal could be… including plenty of warnings!

3. Milton Neighbors help with donations to Milton Residents Fund

“*UPDATE* Thank you all for the very kind offers of donations, it seems like there are many great clothing items to pass along to these kids. Several people have offered to buy additional items through Amazon. Let me see Thursday what is still needed, and anything left can be added to an amazon wishlist then. I will post that wishlist if the snow boots and jackets remain in need. THANK YOU!”

4. The best Halloween statistics you’ll ever see

graph of halloween costume statistics

Graph credit: Paul Kramer

“Last year, I spent Halloween meticulously recording the number of trick-or-treaters we had, because we were new to the neighborhood and wanted a good estimate for how much candy to buy the following year. Because I can’t resist any excuse to make pointless charts, I also documented what sorts of costumes came by, and when. I haven’t gotten any less uncool since then, so here’s this year’s stats…”

5. Drive-by shooting concerns

“It has been almost 2 weeks since a drive by shooting took place on Blue Hill Ave. By Norman St. Two people were shot, a young man and woman, who were among group renting house. The shooters have not been found, to best of my knowledge. As a neighbor I find it disturbing that these ’shooters’ and thousands like them are driving around our streets with loaded illegal guns and have no hesitation to fire into a house full of people…”

6. Eggplant parm hankering

“I need a recommendation for a great eggplant parmigiana!
Definitely a sandwich but an entree will work too.”

eggplant parmesan

Click to see the recommendations!

7. Restaurant recommendation needed!

“I am looking for recommendations for a restaurant in Milton that has private rooms or quiet sectioned-off areas for a small group meeting (less than 5 people).”

8. Where’s my candy bowl?

“To the kids/parents who took the actual BOWL of candy off my porch at 7:55- enjoy? Like, why? 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 Parents, if your child comes home with a stainless steel bowl please return it… 😂😂😂”

9. Time to burn down the house!

This post is just in time for Halloween:


“Hey neighbors – does anyone know what kind of spider this is? Was in my yard this morning and has since been removed but YIKES!”

10. Advice concerning a MHS student needed

“Does anyone have experience working with Milton High school to ensure student success for a student who has excessive non consecutive absences due to chronic illness?”


Milton Neighbors is the 13,000+ member social media group connected to The Milton Scene.

In October 2022, the group had

  • 405Posts
  • 3,672 Reactions

Tuesday was the most active day in Milton Neighbors this past month.

tuesday most popular day in group

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