Grocery savings, air fryer advice, cat neutering & more – Top Milton Neighbors posts, January ’23

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Grocery savings, air fryer advice, cat neutering & more – Top Milton Neighbors posts, January ’23

Wondering what the top Milton Neighbors posts were last month?

We’ve summarized the top posts for you from the past month.

A classic Lower Mills shot:

Lower Mills from train track path. Photo Credit: Andy D’Amato

Lower Mills. Photo Credit; Andrew D'Amato

Lower Mills. Photo Credit; Andrew D’Amato

2. Out of control cable bills

Lots of great advice on this thread!

“I just opened my Xfinity bill . 251.71! This is ridiculous. I have a smart tv. My husband is a big sports fan . I occasionally watch Netflix. I rent the equipment . What do I need to buy? Please be specific . Any and all suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Thank you in advance !”

3. Advice for travel to Ireland

“Dear Milton Neighbors,
I understand some of you have been to Ireland. Some of you are even from Ireland. So tell me, what should I do when I visit for the first time? Going for 10 days in June with husband and MIL. Husband and I are outdoorsy types. And we do not need to see every castle, but love a good session in a pub. Thank you!”

4. Grocery savings advice needed

“Groceries are so expensive now. I couldn’t believe my total at Stop & Shop the other day.
Where are y’all finding the best grocery deals these days? Is it worth driving to Brockton for Aldi and Market Basket?”

5. Missing person: Ana Walshe

“Missing person. Details in the link below on how to contact police if you have any information.”

6. AirFryer advice needed

“I bought an AirFryer last week. So far I’ve cooked chicken and french fries twice – all underwhelming.
I’d love someone to tell me what successful recipes they’ve tried.
I hope it’s not like the electric knife my father would pull out every Thanksgiving (bought with green stamps in the showroom that is now Dependable).”

7. Mechanic needed for Hyundai

“Looking for recommendations for a local mechanic. My Hyundai Tucson needs a brake job and the Hyundai dealership quoted me a very expensive job, so I was hoping to find something more affordable locally. Thanks!”

8. Neutering a cat without breaking the bank

“Suggestions on where we can take our young male cat to get neutered without taking out a loan. Randolph animal hospital wants $1,000 thats just gouging.”

9. Hydra facial suggestions

“Looking for recommendations on where to get hydra facial nearby…”

10. Mouse in the house!

“Hi! Looking for someone to help with a mouse living in our wall. We used Shamrock last year but I think he moved. Prefer a reference based on experience rather than a link to a list. Thank you in advance!”

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