My Xfinity cable bill is ridiculous! How can I save? – Milton Neighbors respond with cord cutting advice

I just opened my Xfinity bill. $251.71! This is ridiculous...
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My Xfinity cable bill is ridiculous! How can I save? – Milton Neighbors respond with cord cutting advice

In a recent (and popular!) post, a Milton Neighbor recently asked for help:

I just opened my Xfinity bill . 251.71! This is ridiculous. I have a smart tv. My husband is a big sports fan . I occasionally watch Netflix. I rent the equipment . What do I need to buy? Please be specific . Any and all suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Thank you in advance !

Members of the Milton Neighbors Facebook group responded with advice on how to save on cable and internet pricing in Milton, on the South Shore, and in the general Boston area.

Because we don’t allow businesses to recommend themselves in the Milton Neighbors group, you can virtually guarantee that these recommendations come from actual satisfied customers.

Check out the excellent advice from Milton Neighbors and let us know your advice for saving on cable and internet:

– “My RCN bill was up to 260 dollars for 0 reason too many fees added on too we got rid of cable channels with them and only get internet for 100 bucks ! Thats it ! And we bought fire sticks for each room we love it ! We all watch our Netflix Hulu, Prime.”

– “Call them and demand a new plan or you’ll close your account. They’ll give you a better deal. It may be for a year or two, but just do it again. We do it all the time. My wife “gets her b*tch on”. Works every time.”

– “Just get Hulu live tv with ESPN+ and, Disney+ no commercials or ads for 75$ a month.”

– “I am considering an alternate as well for the same reasons. The only drawback is no regular tv channels for news, sports, etc.”

– “YouTube TV gives you the regular tv channels for news & a bunch of sports channels. It is $65/month so much cheaper than RCN.”

– “I do Hulu for live tv stuff…it’s about $60/month.”

– “Hulu live has a bunch of news and sports channels. It has many more news and sports channels [than] cable. Best thing i did was switch to Hulu.”

– “I bought those regular “bunny ears” antenna from Amazon, and they work great. I stream everything else.”

– “You can that through an antenna or most channels have live TV through their app. I watch the channel 5 news through the app. PBS has live TV on the app for channel 2 44 and 11.”

– “Hey! We have xfinity too- basic cable as well as internet. $155 a month for us. Still crazy expensive if you ask me but that’s the cheapest xfinity goes if you still want sports for your husband. If you have a smart tv you can download the xfinity stream app so nobody has to come out and install anything.”

– “I cut the cord a few months ago and am so happy I did. I just have RCN internet and I subscribe to YouTubeTV ($65/month) which has a bunch of sports channels. I also have Netflix & AppleTV (free w/T-Mobile cell service) and am never at a loss of stuff to watch.”

– “Rcn internet $35
Hulu/youtubetv $75”

– “I get FuboTV with the NFL redzone package and it’s $85 a month.”

– “I’ve heard people using you tube TV and streaming services (net flip Hulu etc).”

– “Following. I have basic Comcast cable for local channels. Used to be $9 a month and has creeped to to 40. Barely use it. Mostly stream through Prime, Netflix,Disney +, Apple TV and regular YouTube. Getting Fios this week. Feel a cord cutting in in my future.”

– “Here’s a solution: you don’t need to buy anything! Get the YouTube TV or FUBO App on your smart tv.
Call Comcast and cancel cable.
You will need to keep the Internet (you may be able to get Internet from a provider other then Comcast).
I recommend FUBO if your husband wants to watch Bruins or Red Sox.”

– “I pay $285 – one TV, internet, phone line, modem, cable box. I think they get away with it because there isn’t mass pushback. Maybe I I’ll push back this year! 🤣”

– “Recommend the following setup:
Astound (formerly RCN) for Internet 940mbps pkg: About $50 w/ fees.
Directv Stream (NO DISH required, you can use your smarttv, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, or they will provide you a box. All the channels including local and NESN is about $100.”

– “Try Apollo TV…”

– “I was hoping once Verizon Fios got in that Comcast might lower their rate to be more competitive.”

– “They are the only supplier for winter valley so I’m stuck with them for $157 for 1 tv box and internet. Cheapest package Verizon exclusive on phone.”

– “Get rid of cable, we use Prime and Netflix.”

– “Buy an antenna for local TV and just stream everything else. We just gave xfinity the boot in December and are very happy. We added T-Mobile internet to our cellphone plan so we can have Wi-Fi.”

– “Xfinity has a great streaming device that’s free all you need to do is sign up for Internet.”

– “I’ve had both fubo and you tube I think I had less issues loading with you tube but we wanted the bruins so we have fubo still not bad both have local channels for news etc.  I found I had Netflix and prime when I had cable so I don’t consider it an add on.”

– “This is so OUTRAGEOUS! We are being held hostage by cable tv providers🤬🤬🤬 Remember when there were 6 basic channels we watched for free!!!!”

– “I’m with you on this, I want to call Xfinity and tell them to come get it, I’ll read a book! 🤣.”

– “I have internet only service, hdtv leaf antennas for free live local, and either smart tvs, apple tv or roku units to stream apps. I pay for three – Netflix/Apple TV +/HBO Max. Total cost is around $100.”

– “its a total scam, no competition, we need community broadband, it should be free/ or at the very least affordable.”

– “We changed to Google TV 12 months ago and it works for us. $69 a month. Still with Comcast Wi-FI at $99 a month and we are happy.”

– “I use YouTube tv. It’s about 60 bucks a month. U get alot of channels and u get more sports than xfinity. I cut out xfinity about 4 or 5 years ago and have never looked back. YouTube tv is just an app u can download onto your smart tv. Just keep the internet and cancel cable.”

– “I mirror my phone to my smart TV, and use apps- peacock, Amazon prime, e.t.c. I bought “bunny ears” antenna from Amazon so that I can get all the local channels.”

– “I have fire stick and rcn for internet”

– “We’ve been pretty happy with the channel master… it’s a rooftop antenna.”

– “Also if you already pay for Amazon prime that can be downloaded as well to your tv! Good shows on there as well.”

– “I have problems with xfinity internet/wifi. There are times when any device in my house shows a strong wifi connection but the internet still buffers! I even have their mesh network with three independent pods. Anyone else have the same issues?”

– “We switched to over the air antenna matched up with a tablo device. We have a 14-day schedule to record live broadcast. We use a Chromecast in other locations in the house that connect to the tablo. Can even connect to my tablo when we’re at our RV. News, NFL as well as 51 channels total. Over the air TV is digital very high quality now. We also only pay for high-speed internet and use Netflix and MLB.”

– “Fire stick an put pure cast on it it’s 120 for the year an gives you every channel in the world an movies an series.”

– “I said Goodbye to Xfinity last month after 30 + years. Basic channels for big ,$$. You complain? They will lower your bill to hold on to you.”

– “I have a gig of internet speed through rcn for 45/mo and stream the rest. Every year when RCN raises my bill I call them and they bring it back down for another year. When my ex husband watched live sports we had a digital antenna, a one time expense of about $50 then free monthly. My internet plus Netflix, Hulu, and Disney plus is about $80/mo.”

– “Buy a router don’t rent it.”

– “I pay $80 a month for internet only, and i bought a fire stick that i use with all my subscriptions. still cheaper!”

– “I have become-sadly-somewhat of a Comcast Crusader! First-Redo your contract!
If you call and complain-or better yet, go to an Xfinity store, you should be able to reduce that bill!! My bill used to be roughly the same until I renegotiated. They may claim you’re not able to change plans because you have time left on your current contract. But push them! There’s always a better deal available.
Also-for that $$ you should be getting access to Everything!
Are you using a Firestick or ROCU?!
Those could significantly cut your costs. Plus remember to share login access to streaming services with family members to cut down on extra costs.
Best of luck 💪🏼”

– “We switched to youtubetv. Love it.”

– “We got rid of cable and have You tube tv…we have Netflix..HBO and a few more apps but we really weren’t using half of the Channels on cable…so far we love it!”


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