MAPC to hold focus groups for language access

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MAPC focus groups for Language Access

Dear Milton Resident

We hope this message finds you well!

We are committed to better understanding where our residents need assistance, and how we can better support those needs, such as having better language services.

Which is why we want to hear from YOU! We want to get better at having more resources and conversations available in multiple languages, we want to expand our language access.

The Town of Randolph, City of Beverly, Town of Arlington and Town of Milton Health Department , in collaboration with Blue Hills Community Health Alliance are looking to expand their multi-language resources for municipal processes

We are hosting small group conversations with residents, and you are invited to join! We would love to hear about your experiences in your community as it relates to language use.

If you are interested in participating in one of these conversations, some questions that would be asked are:

  • What challenges have you had language access in your community?
  • What do you think your town/city has done to change this?
  • Are there others that have had the same challenge?
  • Where do you go when you need assistance? I.e Google, friend(s), family etc.
  • View the flyers for more info

Sign up here:

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