What did you mean by “US”?

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What did you mean by “US”?

Dear Milton Scene readers:

Yesterday, I posted an article with a poll about the most recent Milton Town election.

The introduction to the article read:

“A lot of us were surprised by the results of Milton’s April 25th Town election. We saw many long-time Town Meeting members voted out by newer members.”

I received a couple of messages from people who were offended by the use of the word “us.”

I’d like to clarify exactly what I meant by using this two-letter word:

I meant “we who were paying attention to the election.”

Post-election, I’ve spoken with many people from a variety of political leanings. I think a lot of us who were following the election were surprised by the results.

Those of us who were watching the election saw many members of Town Meeting who have served for multiple tens of years, ousted by brand new people.

In my opinion… most of us (the people who were paying attention to the election) were surprised at the sheer number of flipped seats, whether happy with the results or not.

I personally have been keeping a very close watch on the election since about 2013. Prior to that, I’m embarrassed to say, I didn’t really look super closely until my first child entered kindergarten. (In my defense, I was pretty tired.)

I’d apologize for using the word “us,” but I’m not sorry. I think people who were offended were looking for something to be offended by. I know words matter, but really, this is out of control. Why immediately jump to negative conclusions? Why weaponize this two-letter word?

A little more benefit of the doubt would not kill any of us.

Wishing all of you a great day,

Melissa Fassel Dunn
The Milton Scene & Milton Neighbors


p.s. In the name of 100% transparency: it’s also possible I’m unconsciously channeling Bridgerton’s Lady Whisteldown, just a teensy bit.

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2 Comments on "What did you mean by “US”?"

  1. I too wondered about US. I am glad you explained it bc it was not clear. I am not one of the US. But either way happy new people are engaged and it would be further insightful to know more about what these new people intend to do bc that would be insightful, if you follow so closely, please enlighten us, with what these new members want for Milton…

  2. My take: people in favor of the land swap and new schools came out in droves to vote for those candidates who held the same views. Similarly, those in favor of the land swap and new schools organized and campaigned hard for their causes.

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