Living the Simple Life in a Digital Age

A sticky note with the words "keep life simple" on it, reminding us of the importance of living a simple life in a digital age.
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Living the Simple Life in a Digital Age

As everyday life in the modern world becomes more complex with each invention and technological advance, millions of people are dealing with the situation by choosing a simpler lifestyle. It’s a classic human reaction to impersonal systems and the rapid growth of scientific culture. What are ordinary citizens doing to fight the wave of modernization? Some take the basic, direct approach by relying less on automobiles and more on public transportation and walking.

Others focus on streamlining their financial lives via student loan consolidations. The variety of strategies that achieve the same goal includes a return to basic time management, the elimination of household clutter, and wardrobe makeovers that emphasize efficiency instead of conspicuous consumption. The good news is that anyone can take up the challenge and simplify the way they live their lives. Here are some suggestions.

Drive Less, Walk More, & Ride the Bus

The current state of the national and global economy has opened the eyes of millions of vehicle owners who want to save money. But saving is only one benefit of using your car less. Of course, the lower fuel bills are a welcome benefit of walking and taking public transport. But using a car less frequently is a great way to simplify everyday life. Consider walking to local shops or visiting a nearby neighbor. Hop on the bus or light-rail train to shop, see a doctor, get a haircut, or do something that you would normally have used a car for.

Consolidate College Debt

How can those who borrowed for college get finances organized and streamlined? The obvious answer is to consolidate college loans. Not only can the wise move help you keep the federal aid you’re already getting, but it can also make your personal finances much easier to deal with. While monthly cash outflow might not decline, the tactic is a smart one for those who don’t want to refinance but do want a stress-free way to make one payment instead of several.

It’s relevant to note that consolidation and refinancing are totally different financial creatures. A refi involves getting a brand-new loan agreement, rate, terms, etc., all based on your most recent credit scores. However, there are plenty of benefits that come with consolidations, too. The best way to learn all the pertinent facts is to review a complete guide that discusses the upsides and downsides of consolidating college debt.

Eliminate Household Clutter

Whether you reside in a house or are an apartment dweller, it’s easy to let junk, unneeded belongings, and other clutter build up over the course of a year or more. You don’t need to be a pack rat to suffer from a lack of living space due to too much stuff. Luckily, it’s easy to reset your homes function and systems and solve the problem by spending 30 minutes per day on the task. Divide items into four categories: recycle, throw away, sell, and donate to charity. After about a week of using the slow but sure method, you’ll discover that you have more space to live, less clutter in your face, and a better attitude about the whole situation. Don’t let clutter rule your life.

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