Using gmail or other Google services? Inactive accounts will be disabled – Small Business Corner

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Using gmail or other Google services? Inactive accounts will be disabled – Small Business Corner

Recently, Google implemented a significant change to their account inactivity policy, aiming to prioritize user privacy and data security. This update affects all Google Accounts and aims to prevent unauthorized access to personal information (’cause we all know there’s enough scamming in the world). Let’s take a closer look at the new policy and what it means for you.

Starting immediately, Google has updated the inactivity period for all Google Accounts to two years. If you haven’t signed into your account or used any Google services for a continuous period of two years, this new policy will apply to your account.

Under this new policy, any Google account that remains inactive for two years or more might be at risk of deletion from December 1, 2023. As a result, any content associated with the inactive account could be permanently deleted.

To ensure users are informed well in advance, Google has set up a reminder system. If your account is considered inactive, Google will send multiple reminder emails to both your account and the recovery email (if you’ve provided one) at least 8 months before any potential deletion occurs.

Keeping your account active

Maintaining an active Google account is crucial if you wish to preserve your data. And honestly, it’s super easy.

To keep your account active, follow one or more these simple steps:

  1. Sign in to your Google Account at least once every two years. Regularly logging in will show that you are actively using the account.
  2. Engage with any Google service regularly. Activities such as sending an email, using Google Drive, watching a YouTube video (while signed into your google account), sharing a photo, downloading an app, or using Google Search count as account activity.

Exceptions to the policy

There are some exceptions to this policy that are worth noting. Accounts linked to YouTube channels, videos, or comments, as well as accounts with a gift card balance, won’t be affected by this policy. Similarly, accounts that have published applications on the Google Play store will also be exempt.

Managing your account and data

Google provides helpful tools for managing your account and data. Google takeout allows you to download your data and keep a local copy. Additionally, consider setting up the Inactive Account Manager, which enables you to plan what happens to your data if you become inactive for a specific period.

Final thoughts

Google’s updated account inactivity policy aims to promote user security and privacy. Keeping your account active is simple and will protect your data from potential deletion. Remember that Google will provide you with ample reminders if your account becomes inactive, so keep your recovery email up-to-date.

Stay informed and ensure the safety of your valuable data!

Click here to check out Google’s inactive account policy.

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