‘Close-up Views of Insects in My Garden’ exhibit by Linde Eyster to take place in Milton Public Library in Sept.

Emerald Hopper on Orange Lily by photographer Linde EysterEmerald Hopper on Orange Lily by photographer Linde Eyster
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‘Close-up Views of Insects in My Garden’ exhibit by Linde Eyster to take place in Milton Public Library in Sept.

Wotiz Gallery Exhibit to take place Sept. 1 – 30, 2023

In the heart of Milton, a captivating display of the miniature inhabitants of the natural world is set to grace the Milton Public Library’s Wotiz Gallery.

Renowned local photographer Linde Eyster will unveil her extraordinary work in an exhibition titled “Close-up Views of Insects in My Garden: Part II.” From September 1st to September 30th, visitors will have the privilege of delving into the intricate world of insects through Eyster’s lens, capturing their essence up close and personal.

Linde Eyster, a retired research scientist and an award-winning biology teacher, has spent over a decade capturing the hidden marvels that inhabit her local backyard. Her photographs, born from a deep-rooted connection to nature and an insatiable curiosity, offer viewers an unprecedented glimpse into the lives of insects. “Close-up Views of Insects in My Garden: Part II” not only showcases the astounding diversity of insects but unintentionally serves as a historical record of their presence spanning from 2011 to 2020.

Eyster’s artistic approach adheres to the principles of the Photographic Society of America’s “Nature” rules. The unaltered images feature insects photographed in their natural habitat, preserving their authenticity. Limited to cropping and minimal adjustments of light and shadow, the images are a testament to the skillful eye behind the camera. Each photograph is a candid testimony to the remarkable beauty that often escapes the naked eye.

This exhibition marks the culmination of Linde’s decade-long project. A member of the Hyde Park Art Association and the Boston Camera Club, Eyster has previously showcased portions of her insect diversity project in numerous solo exhibitions across Massachusetts. Her work has also been featured in local art shows, adorned magazine covers, and even secured recognition in the form of Jury’s Choice Awards in the Wiki Science Competition 2021.

Enthusiasts and curious minds are invited to the Wotiz Gallery on Wednesday, September 13th, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., for a free and open reception. This event provides a unique opportunity to engage with the photographer and gain deeper insights into the creative process behind her captivating work. The festivities include a Gallery Walk starting at 7:10 p.m. during the reception, offering attendees a guided journey through the visual tapestry of Linde Eyster’s insect-centric universe. Don’t forget to bring your own magnifying glass to fully appreciate the intricate details that Eyster’s lens has captured.

The “Close-up Views of Insects in My Garden: Part II” exhibition is not just for adults but also promises to captivate the imagination of younger visitors and families. This fusion of art and nature invites everyone to explore the often-unseen beauty that thrives in our own backyards. The exhibition stands as a testament to the astonishing world of insects and the remarkable skill of Linde Eyster in revealing their hidden splendor.

For inquiries and further information, feel free to contact [email protected] or call the Reference Department at (617) 898-4964. The Milton Public Library eagerly awaits your presence at 476 Canton Avenue, Milton, as it hosts this vibrant celebration of the tiniest creatures that share our world.

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