Milton School Committee Gears Up for November 1, 2023 Meeting

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Milton School Committee Gears Up for November 1, 2023 Meeting

The Milton School Committee is preparing for its upcoming meeting scheduled for November 1, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. The meeting will take place at the Milton Town Hall, specifically in the John Cronin Conference Room. Additionally, residents and interested parties can join the meeting virtually via Zoom, using the following link: Meeting Link or by dialing in at 1-929-205-6099 with the Meeting ID: 947 3675 2818.


The agenda for this pivotal meeting is as follows:

1. Call to Order

The meeting will commence with a call to order, officially marking the beginning of the proceedings.

2. Approve November 1, 2023 Agenda

The committee will review and potentially approve the agenda for the November 1, 2023 meeting, setting the course for the discussions to follow.

3. Citizen Speak (Policy BEDH-15 minutes)

A portion of the meeting is allocated for Citizen Speak, allowing residents to address the committee in accordance with Policy BEDH. This 15-minute window provides an opportunity for community members to share their thoughts and concerns with the committee.

4. Superintendent’s Report

The Superintendent will present a comprehensive report that includes the following:

  • Glover Elementary School Site Council: A report on the activities and initiatives of the Glover Elementary School Site Council will be presented for discussion.
  • Preliminary Field Trip Approval, Music Department Trip: The Superintendent will present a preliminary field trip approval request for the Music Department’s trip to Philadelphia, PA, scheduled for April 5-7, 2024.

5. Chair’s Report

The Chair of the School Committee will provide a report that covers the following key points:

  • MASC Resolutions: The committee will discuss and vote on MASC Resolutions, which may have a substantial impact on educational policies and practices.
  • Calendar Approval Procedure: A discussion regarding the procedure for approving the calendar will take place, ensuring the smooth functioning of the school year.
  • FY25 Capital Requests, Technology and Facilities: The committee will vote on FY25 Capital Requests, specifically related to technology and facilities, addressing the long-term needs of the school district.

6. Committee Reports

This segment of the meeting will include reports from various committees, including:

  • Finance Subcommittee Report: The committee will vote on the approval of Vendor Warrants, addressing financial matters and fiscal responsibilities.
  • Policy Subcommittee Report: The Policy Subcommittee will provide an update on its activities.
  • Superintendent Evaluation Subcommittee Report: An overview of the Superintendent Evaluation Subcommittee’s findings and recommendations will be discussed.
  • School Committee Representative Report: The committee’s representatives on the School Building Committee will provide insights and updates on ongoing projects and developments.

7. Approval of Minutes

The committee will review and potentially approve the minutes from previous meetings, ensuring accurate documentation of past discussions and decisions.

8. Next Meeting Agenda Items

The committee will discuss and outline the agenda items for the next meeting, preparing for future discussions and decisions.

9. Adjourn

The meeting will conclude with an adjournment, wrapping up the day’s discussions and decisions.

This meeting is an essential event for Milton residents and community members to stay informed about the important matters affecting the local school system. The Milton School Committee encourages active participation, and the virtual access option via Zoom provides a convenient way for stakeholders to engage in the proceedings.

For more information and updates on the Milton School Committee, please visit the official Milton Public Schools website.


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