Milton School Committee gears up for October 4, 2023 meeting

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Milton School Committee gears up for October 4, 2023 meeting

The Milton School Committee is set to convene its next meeting on October 4, 2023, with a combination of in-person and virtual participation options, allowing stakeholders to engage from near and far. The meeting will be held at the John Cronin Conference Room at Milton Town Hall and will also be  accessible via Zoom.


Here is a breakdown of the key items that will be addressed:

1. Call to Order

The meeting will kick off with the customary call to order, setting the stage for deliberations.

2. Approve October 4, 2023 Agenda

Members will have the opportunity to review and approve the meeting’s agenda.

3. Citizen Speak (Policy BEDH-15 Minutes)

Citizens will be granted 15 minutes to voice their concerns, ideas, and feedback in accordance with Policy BEDH.

4. Superintendent’s Report

  • a. Cunningham Site Council Presentation 

The Superintendent will provide insights into the Cunningham Site Council’s activities, featuring an attachment with pertinent details.

  • b. Spring Data Presentation

Attendees can look forward to an informative presentation on spring data, complete with an attachment for reference.

  • c. DESE End of Year Report  (Vote)

A critical vote will be held to decide on the DESE End of Year Report, which is pivotal in the school committee’s decision-making process.

5. Chair’s Report

Under the Chair’s report, the following will be discussed:

  • a. School Committee Goals (Discussion)

Committee members will engage in a discussion centered around the School Committee’s goals.

6. Committee Reports

Committee reports will be presented, including:

  • a. Finance Subcommittee Report

This report will cover financial matters and will include a vote on the approval of vendor warrants.

  • b. Facilities Advisory Committee Report

Updates from the Facilities Advisory Committee will be provided, shedding light on infrastructure and facility-related matters.

  • c. SC Representative Reports

Reports from School Committee Representatives will be discussed, with a focus on the School Building Committee and the Milton Foundation for Education.

7. Approval of Minutes  (Vote)

Minutes from previous meetings will be up for approval via vote.

8. Next Meeting Agenda Items

The agenda will include a section for discussing and proposing items for the agenda of the next meeting.

9. Adjourn

The meeting will conclude with an adjournment, marking the end of the proceedings.

Join the Meeting

For those wishing to participate in the meeting remotely, the Zoom webinar link is provided below:

Join the Zoom Webinar

Webinar ID: 947 3675 2818

Get Involved

The Milton School Committee encourages the active involvement of community members, parents, and stakeholders in shaping the future of Milton’s education system. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay informed and make your voice heard.

The meeting promises to be a dynamic exchange of ideas, insights, and decisions that will impact the educational landscape of Milton. Be sure to mark your calendar for October 4, 2023, and join the conversation.

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