Town of Milton offers $2,000 tax abatement with Senior Tax Workoff Program

An older couple using a computer at home for the Senior Tax Workoff Program in the Town of Milton to receive a $2,000 tax abatement.
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Town of Milton offers $2,000 tax abatement with Senior Tax Workoff Program


Applications to be screened by the COA Director to determine eligibility of applicants using the following criteria:

  • 60 years of age or older
  • Homeowner or current spouse of homeowner (see ownership & domicile)
  • Currently reside in the Town of Milton and for the last five years prior to the date of this application
  • Can produce a copy of the most recent tax bill upon application to the program
  • Income does not exceed $47,925/year for one person or $63,900/year for a twoperson household (Copy of last Federal Tax Return Required)
  • Only one person per household per year may participate in the program

Ownership & Domicile:

  • Applicant must own and occupy the subject property on January 1st of the calendar year and must have been domiciled in Milton for five years prior to the application
  • Applicant may own this interest solely, as a joint owner or as a tenant in common
  • The holder of a life estate satisfies the ownership requirement
  • If the domicile is held in trust, the applicant must be both a trustee (or cotrustee) and a beneficiary in the domicile through that trust
  • If the property is in a trust, applicant must provide a copy of the trust to satisfy proof of ownership (i.e., beneficiary/trustee relationship)
  • Applicant must directly pay his/her own property tax bill and not indirectly through another organization or entity (i.e., condo associations, etc.)


  • Job openings are requirements to be determined by the needs of Town


  • Jobs to be supervised by Town Department Heads or their designees
  • Jobs may be available at various locations throughout the town


  • $16.25 per hour with no benefits
  • Earnings subject to withholding for federal income tax purposes
  • Earnings (minus OBRA required withholdings) to be credited towards the senior’s property tax obligations to the Town of Milton
  • Seniors will receive documentation of their earnings credited against their property tax obligations


  • Eligible applicants will be interviewed by the COA Director and/or Department Heads to determine applicant’s suitability for the position
  • Jobs will be offered to eligible applicants on the basis of qualifications, availability, location, transportation, physical limitations (if any) and compatibility with the requirements of the position in the judgment of the Department Head or his/her designee
  • The Select Board has approved 25 volunteer slots for calendar year 2024.
  • Applicants must complete 123 volunteer hours (30.75 shifts of 4 hours each) between January 1st and November 1st, 2024.
  • If there are more than 25 eligible participants, new applicants will be given priority.


Applications are available at the Senior Center or by mail or email.

You can also download the application here.

Telephone: 617-898-4893

Email: [email protected]

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