Major affordable housing organizations endorse YES! for Milton

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Major affordable housing organizations endorse YES! for Milton

Four leading statewide affordable housing organizations today called on Milton residents to vote YES on February 13 to adopt multi-family zoning consistent with the MBTA Communities Law.

“A YES vote in Milton will show that inclusive zoning is part of an overall strategy to preserve what we love about our unique neighborhoods, expand affordable housing, grow our local economies, and make it easier for people to get around without always needing to drive,” said Rachel Heller, CEO of Citizens Housing and Planning Association. “Housing is the best investment we can make for a strong future.”

Two-thirds of town meeting members voted to approve the zoning article in December but a group of opponents have collected signatures to put the issue to a town-wide vote on February 13th.

“Milton prides itself on its suburban diversity,” said Symone Crawford, executive director of the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance. “With the average single family home in Milton now selling for over $1 million, A YES vote is one way to ensure that diversity continues.”

“State officials are serious about cutting off access to discretionary grants and state aid,” said Jesse Kanson-Benanav, executive director of Abundant Housing Massachusetts. “Milton voters can avoid that risk by saying YES on February 13 and create more housing choice for its residents.”

State law calls for the 177 communities in greater Boston served by the MBTA to adopt multi-family zoning districts. Twelve communities, those closest to Boston and served by rapid transit, faced the first deadline for compliance of December 31, 2023. All twelve adopted compliant zoning by that date. Milton is the only one of the twelve contesting that adoption.

“Local nonprofit affordable housing developers have created thousands of affordable homes over the years but the need for more is obvious,” said Emily Haber, President and CEO of the Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations. “If you care about creating more affordable homes, a YES vote on February 13th is the only vote.”

“A yes vote will move Milton forward,” said Matt Morong, co-chair of YES! for Milton. “Our town planners and town residents spent eighteen months devising a plan to comply with this 2021 state law which is designed to take some pressure off of our housing market. Milton needs to be part of our regional housing solution.”

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