Norfolk County’s ‘Are You OK?’ program ensures daily well-being checks for seniors

An elderly man participating in the 'Are You OK?' program in Norfolk County, talking on a cell phone for regular well-being checks.
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Norfolk County’s ‘Are You OK?’ program ensures daily well-being checks for seniors

In a commendable initiative aimed at ensuring the safety and well-being of senior citizens, the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office, in collaboration with Fallon Ambulance, has introduced the “Are You OK?” program—a free, daily telephone reassurance service.

Designed to provide peace of mind to seniors and their families, the program operates 365 days a year, offering a daily check-in call to enrolled participants.

To sign up, individuals can call 1-866-900-RUOK (7865) and specify their preferred call time, between 6:00 a.m. and noon every day.

The process is straightforward: if the initial call goes unanswered, a second attempt is made after five minutes. If there is still no response, designated family members or friends are contacted to check on the individual. In case of any issues or concerns, the program’s trained staff can involve local safety officials to ensure a timely and appropriate response.

The “Are You OK?” program has proven to be a lifesaver for many seniors, offering a vital lifeline for those living alone or facing health challenges. By providing a quick and efficient daily check-in, the program not only addresses the immediate well-being of participants but also serves as a valuable tool for identifying and addressing potential needs.

Enrolled seniors have the flexibility to determine the frequency of calls, ranging from daily check-ins to specific days of the week. Additionally, they can temporarily suspend calls when away from home, ensuring a customized and adaptable service to suit individual circumstances.

This initiative is a testament to the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office and Fallon Ambulance’s commitment to the community’s welfare. By leveraging technology and collaboration, the “Are You OK?” program stands as a shining example of how local law enforcement and emergency services can work together to provide a crucial support system for vulnerable members of society.

Seniors and individuals with disabilities residing in Norfolk County are encouraged to take advantage of this free service by calling 1-866-900-7865 and signing up for the “Are You OK?” program—where a simple daily phone call can make all the difference in ensuring the safety and well-being of our cherished senior citizens.

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