Kim Conroy announces candidacy for Town Meeting Member for Precinct 7

Kim Conroy 2024
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Kim Conroy announces candidacy for Town Meeting Member for Precinct 7

I’m Kim Conroy and I’m running for re-election of Town Meeting Member for Precinct 7. I’ve been a Town Meeting Member since 2017 at which time I was an active member of the Milton Playground Planners. I take my position as Town Meeting Member seriously both in attendance and in understanding and researching the articles put out in our Warrant. I approach each vote with the same fact-based ration and gut instinct that I use to run a successful +$1B business as a career, using my heart to help guide my decisions and using feedback from neighbors as I am a representative of all of Precinct 7.

I am a full-time working mother of 2 girls who both attend Milton Public Schools (Pierce and Collicot). My husband Tom and I have owned our home in Milton for nearly 15 years where we are both active members of the community, including our schools, Girl Scouts and town sports. Tom was born and raised in Milton and my in-laws still reside here as nearly 50-year residents! With this, our family has roots in Milton. I care about our town’s history and even more importantly, our town’s future.

I am a graduate from UMASS Amherst where I earned dual degrees in Economics and Social Thought & Political Economy. I also have a Master’s of Science in Business Management from Emmanuel College. My career path has taken me on a journey through sales, marketing and category management at large companies such as Filene’s Department Stores, Reebok, Nike, Ahold/Delhaize and most recent, Trader Joe’s. My education and job experience have effectively taught me the importance of management to budget, investing for growth and return on investment, flexibility to change and in meeting the needs of our customers, or in this case our community.

I am not running on a platform and I don’t believe in groups of people running together. We are a town of individuals and I believe we should be running and voting accordingly. East Milton, West Milton…some people find humor in the divide. Frankly, I don’t think our town needs to be any more divided than it already is.  We are one Milton! Though Milton is a wonderful town and I am proud to live here, change in Milton is not only imminent but necessary. I support responsible change, change that first and foremost ensures the safety and well-being of our current residents. All areas of Milton need to own this change and the burden can’t disproportionality lie with one area. Lastly, I think there is no better return on investment then our schools and the children that attend them. Please consider voting for me on April 30. Thank you!

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