Milton Warrant Committee prepares for Annual Town meeting on May 8, 2024

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Milton Warrant Committee prepares for Annual Town meeting on May 8, 2024

Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2024
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Milton High School – 25 Gile Road

The Milton Warrant Committee is gearing up for the upcoming Annual Town Meeting scheduled for May 8, 2024, at Milton High School. The meeting will cover a range of crucial topics affecting the town’s budget and operations.

Agenda Highlights:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Discussion of Annual Town Meeting
  3. Discussion/Vote of Annual Town Budget
  4. Discussion/Vote of Annual Town Meeting Articles
    • Hear Report of Town Officers
    • Authorize Treasurer to Collect Taxes
    • Authorize Treasurer to Enter into Compensating Balance Agreements
    • Capital Budget Appropriation
    • Audit Appropriation
    • Union Wage Set Aside
    • Employee Benefits Appropriation
    • Unemployment Appropriation
    • Chapter 13 Position Classifications and Wage Increases
    • Public Safety Appropriation
    • General Government Appropriation
    • Boards and Committees Appropriation
    • Community Preservation Funds
    • Community Preservation Committee Projects Recommendation
    • Public Works Appropriation
    • Water Enterprise Fund Appropriation
    • Sewer Enterprise Fund Appropriation
    • Stormwater Enterprise Fund Appropriation
    • Chapter 90 Appropriation
    • Appropriation for Water System Improvements
    • Appropriation for Rehabilitation of the Town’s Stormwater System
    • Health and Sanitation Appropriation
    • Library Appropriation
    • Cemetery Appropriation
    • Parks Department Appropriation
    • School Appropriation
    • Blue Hills Regional Technical School Appropriation
    • Consolidated Facilities Appropriation
    • Interest and Maturing Debt Appropriation
    • Rescind Unissued Debt Authorizations
    • Stabilization Funds Appropriation
    • Other Post-Employment Benefit Trust Appropriation
    • Reserve Fund Appropriation
    • Authorize Revolving Fund Expenditure Limits
    • PEG Access Enterprise Fund Appropriation
    • Authorize Select Board to Accept Easements
    • Accept Opt-In Specialized Code and Amend the Town Bylaw
    • Transfer of Various Parcels of Land to the Conservation Commission
    • Amend Bylaws to Require Recording and Posting of Meetings of Elected Public Bodies
    • Amend Bylaws to Establish a Local Historic District Commission and Establish the Milton Village Historic District
    • Extend the Term and Amend the Charge for the Master Plan Implementation Committee
    • Citizen’s Petition – Transfer of Land (Pope’s Pond) to the Conservation Commission
    • Citizen’s Petition – Withdraw Home Rule Petition regarding Speed Limits on Randolph Avenue and Chickatawbut Road
  5. Review, Discussion, and Approval of Meeting Minutes
  6. Adjourn to Annual Town Meeting

This comprehensive agenda covers various aspects of the town’s budget, including appropriations for different departments, infrastructure projects, and amendments to town bylaws.

The Warrant Committee encourages all residents to attend and participate in the Annual Town Meeting, as decisions made during this event will directly impact the community.

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