6 Father’s Day gift suggestions for 2024

The image showcases "Father's Day Gift Ideas" with pictures of a drone, a controller, a duffel bag, and an insulated bottle, offering perfect gift suggestions for Father's Day 2024.
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6 Father’s Day gift suggestions for 2024

Father’s Day is right around the corner – June 16th. We have some ideas for the perfect gift for the dad/husband/special guy in your life.

Grill griddle

Turn your grill into a large griddle for smash burgers, omelets, fried rice, and more, with a griddle that you can swap out. Take note of your grill model and size, and order a griddle for quick shipping today!

Smash burger press

Why not add a smash burger press tool to your grill griddle?


I got my husband this drone for Christmas and he loves it. The “return to home” button prevents it from getting lost and it’s sturdy enough to endure a minor crash, unlike some of the cheaper options.

Quick dry shirt

My husband loves Columbia Men’s Standard Slack Tide Camp shirts because they’re super breathable, not too expensive, pack well, and come in a variety of colors. They’re also button-down and are decent-enough to wear to a casual dinner.

Waxed canvas duffel bag

I’m a big fan of waxed canvas bags. They smell incredible (!!), are super durable, and look nice, too. Kodiak Leather makes a fabulous waxed canvas and leather duffel, available now on Amazon for 5% off.

Stadium seat

Listen, sitting at soccer games, football games, etc., can get really uncomfortable! Why not get get dad his own stadium seat so he AND his back can both enjoy sports?

Yeti Rambler

Do water bottles disappear in your house, too? I’ve found that Yeti brand water bottles withstand the test of time much better than other brands – fewer dents, scratches, etc. Dad will appreciate this too! Get him a Yeti Rambler water bottle to keep him hydrated this summer. I like the 18 oz because it’s not too heavy. Right now the camp green is only $24 on Amazon.



Hope these ideas help you decide on a gift for the special guy or guys in your life!

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