Milton superintendent releases updates for June 20, 2024

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Milton superintendent releases updates for June 20, 2024

Dear MPS Community,

At the close of my first year here in the Milton Public Schools, I want to start by thanking our entire community for your engagement, insight, and transparency as you’ve shared what’s important to you in MPS. Through individual meetings, listening forums, communications, and school visits, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about all facets of our community.

I end this year grateful for the depth of care and commitment that our community holds for our schools and our students. It is the essential ingredient in ensuring that all our students find success both here in MPS and beyond when they graduate. Thank you.

I don’t know of any other community like Milton, and I’ve heard this echoed from others. Our diversity, our capacity, and our collective dedication to the schools are incredible assets. As the MPS Implementation Plan takes root in the months and years ahead, we’ll be working to find more opportunities for these community assets to play a central role in our development. Thank you for all you have done in our schools during this past academic year, on many more fronts than I can possibly cover here!

There is much excitement for the year ahead. We are a strong district, and getting stronger in large part due to your partnership with MPS. Please look for more information in the coming months about all the ways to get involved.

Have a great summer!

With gratitude,

Peter Burrows, D.Ed.


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