Starbucks, Transgender Expo, turtle mamas, and fast sandwiches – Top Milton Neighbors posts, May ’24

A collage featuring a poster for a "Transgender Excellence Expo", a small white dog sitting on grass, and multiple bags filled with stuffed animals and household items within Cunningham Woods. Title reads "Top Posts: May 2024".
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Starbucks, Transgender Expo, turtle mamas, and fast sandwiches – Top Milton Neighbors posts, May ’24

Wondering what the top Milton Neighbors posts were last month?

We’ve summarized the top posts for you from the past month.

1. Starbucks for West Milton

“Look what’s OPEN, West Milton
[edited to add: as Jamey Reid Reddicks accurately commented below, “he didn’t say it was IN West Milton. I think he is speaking TO the good people of West Milton. That IS the Star Market on River St.” It is close enough to hit with a thrown baseball from West Milton . . .]”

A Starbucks counter located within a grocery store, where several customers are being served by baristas. Shelves with various products surround the area, creating a busy but inviting atmosphere. Nearby, a sign reminds everyone of Cunningham Woods dog rules to ensure a pleasant experience for all.

River Street Starbucks. Photo by Michael Chinman.

Yes. West Milton. I said what I said.

2. Milton teen puts together Transgender Excellence Expo

Although the expo has passed, Rio Pearlstein’s event garnered a lot of support and interest.

Flyer for the "Transgender* Excellence Expo" on May 18, 2024, 5-8 PM. Features keynote speaker, workshops, panel discussions, exhibits, and more. Hosted at Milton Academy and supported by Milton Neighbors. Open to everyone. Parking available.

3. Milton community supports Popcorn the Bishon’s family

A small white fluffy dog wearing a blue collar sits on green grass in front of a light orange wall, embodying the charm often highlighted in Top Milton Neighbors posts.

Popcorn the Bishon. Courtesy photo.

“Our 15 year old Bishon just got back from a trip and was on a flight. He was doing fine, came home and while eating, had a seizure and passed away. We tried CPR to no avail. We have a call out to his veterinarian but we have never had dogs before so we are at a loss what to do next.
We have the option of cremation with Angell however we want to bury him.
Can anyone help us with what to do next?…”

4. Turtle laying eggs near fire hydrant (click to see photo)

“Massive turtle digging a hole next to our mailbox. Thoughts on if we should do anything or notify someone? I can’t imagine it’s a good spot to lay eggs…”

Live video feed anyone?

5. Milton delivers stuffed animals

Milton Neighbors came through for us big time! I have enough donated stuffed animals for this year.
I hope to see many of you at the FCC Strawberry festival on June 15th!!! We will have the teddy bear zipline, enchanted forest, rock climbing wall, and (of course) lots of strawberry shortcake.”

A living room with a sofa, piled high with various stuffed animals and bags of donations, including labeled shopping bags and black trash bags. A window with blue curtains is in the background, suggesting a community spirit reminiscent of Top Milton Neighbors posts.

6. Magical stairs pic

“Hi all! I just wanted to introduce myself and share a slice of the magic we’ve found. Just moved to Milton, solo mom to a wild 4yo.” (Click here to see the fairy-like photo.)

7. Memes!

meme monday with Lumberg from Office Space

May 6 was a great meme day! Need a laugh? Click to see the thread.

8. Sandwiches, STAT!

You need sandwiches? Milton Neighbors got sandwiches!

“Where can I get a platter of sandwiches nearby with a quick turnaround (by 4pm today.)”

9. Restaurant recommendations needed

“I’m new to the area and wanted to know y’all’s favorite restaurants both locally and in Boston! Thanks!”

Click to see the recommendations!

10. Truck alert

“Anyone know what the 18 wheeler truck is parked outside of Pierce Middle on Brook Rd? It’s been there every night and Saturday for a few weeks.”


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