Boxcar Stage Company wins 2024 Milton Neighbors Choice Award!

A group of performers on stage in stylized, dark, glittery costumes, singing and dancing with bright stage lights in the background at the 2024 Milton Neighbors Choice Award hosted by Boxcar Stage Company.Boxcar Stage company theater production
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Boxcar Stage Company wins 2024 Milton Neighbors Choice Award!

The Milton Neighbors Choice Awards are thrilled to recognize Boxcar Stage Company as a standout business. Led by four “best friends” Stephen, Laura, Andrew, and Caitlin, Boxcar Stage Company is a premier performing arts education program that creates an inclusive and collaborative space for young people to build confidence and community both on and off stage.

The Milton Scene was lucky to learn more about this theater extravaganza for Milton’s young people!

What makes Boxcar Stage Company special?

A theater cast dressed in period costumes performs a scene on the Boxcar Stage Company under vibrant lighting, with one actor holding a rifle aloft and others raising their fists—a powerful moment that garnered them the Milton Neighbors Choice Award for 2024.

Boxcar Stage company theater production

As business owners and co-founders, we continue to work professionally as alumni of Boston Conservatory, Berklee College of Music, and the David Geffen School of Drama at Yale University. We are passionate about how theater can transform young people’s lives, regardless of whether they pursue the arts professionally.

Our business is special because we approach working with young people with the utmost respect and dignity, coupled with empathy, humor, and a deep commitment to their overall well-being. Our supportive environment, combined with our dedication to producing excellent work, ensures that our students not only learn but also thrive creatively at Boxcar Stage Company.

What do you love most about your customers?

Our students show us everyday the power of trying things you’re scared of and of committing to growth. The way they push themselves to improve individually while also supporting each other collectively is something we learn from every day!

What do your students love about Boxcar Stage Company?

Our full-scale productions, featuring costumes, lights, sets, and a live orchestra, are what our students love the most. Our productions give our students the chance to showcase all their growth and hard work from private voice and dance lessons which is also very exciting!

What’s been the best part about running your theater business?

A group of performers on stage, many dressed in western attire, with one person in mid-air doing a split jump. The background features a large sign that reads "BBQ." This lively act is brought to you by the Milton Neighbors Choice Award-winning Boxcar Stage Company.

Boxcar Stage company theater production

One of our greatest values at Boxcar Stage Company is the willingness to try and improve.

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a student master a song they thought was too challenging or a dance routine they thought was too advanced. Watching our students improve over time is so rewarding and why we do what we do.

We love using our experiences as performers to foster a more positive and productive approach to an industry that often glorifies hardship as necessary for success. We also just love working together – we’ve all been friends forever and feel very lucky to be building this company together.

Why did you choose to establish your business in the area?

We opened Boxcar Stage Company in this area  because it holds personal significance for all of us and allows us to give back to a community that gave so much to us when we were growing up. Our families are here, and we feel fortunate to return.

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Congratulations once again to Boxcar Stage Company for winning the Milton Neighbors Choice Award!


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