Milton Neighbors Covid-19 Pandemic Helping Hands initiatives

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Milton Neighbors Covid-19 Pandemic Helping Hands initiatives

Here are some ways you can help Milton Neighbors and local medical workers:

Milton Neighbors PPE (masks and medical) supplies being collected for local hospitals

As you probably know, there is a shortage of personal protection equipment, including masks, scrub caps, gowns, etc. in our local hospitals, as well as hospitals around the country.

Milton Neighbors is beginning a drive for mask and other medical supply donations.

Milton Neighbors gift card collection for families in need

We are collecting physical gift cards for:

  • Albertsons (which can be used at Star Market and Shaws),
  • Stop and Shop
  • Walgreens
  • CVS

Milton Neighbors food and supply donations Milton families in need

On behalf of Milton Public Schools, a group of Milton Neighbors is helping to collect much-needed items for Milton families in need.

This includes food, cleaning and sanitizing supplies, etc., and we have an easy system in place.

Show your love to health care workers

Sometimes, just a little love makes all the difference.

Make a sign -or have your kids make a sign – and hang it in your windows, on your fence, on your front door, etc.

health care heroes thank you sign

Sewing tutorials

How to sew a mask.

how to sew a scrub hat

How to sew a scrub hat.