Joyce living wage bill heard

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Shared from the office of Senator Brian A. Joyce. 

BOSTON – A living wage bill filed by Senator Brian A. Joyce (D-Milton) was heard by the Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development today. The bill, a collaboration between Senator Joyce and the Massachusetts Communities Action Network, calls for a living wage for employees of business which benefit from state contracts or tax incentives.

The bill would require state contractors with contracts valued over $100,000 as well as employers receiving more than $100,000 in state tax incentives to pay their employees a living wage. It would raise the wage to a minimum of $13.89 in the first year, and increase it to $15 by the fourth year.  After that, the wage would be tied to the Consumer Price Index, increasing or decreasing based on the relative cost-of-living.

“Employers who benefit from substantial contracts with the state or certain tax benefits should pass those benefits on to employees. These employees can then support their families, purchase goods and services within the state, and strengthen the economy from within.  Further, employees who receive a living wage will be less dependent on state assistance for food, housing, and healthcare,” said Senator Joyce in a letter to the committee.

Following today’s hearing, the bill will be reviewed by the Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development. If reported favorably by the committee, it will advance through the legislative process.


Senator Brian A. Joyce represents the Norfolk, Bristol and Plymouth District consisting of Avon, Braintree, Canton, Easton, East Bridgewater, Milton, Randolph, Sharon, Stoughton, and West Bridgewater. Senator Joyce currently serves as Assistant Majority Leader. He can be reached at 617-722-1643 or via email at [email protected].

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