Metered parking survey results are in

Parking Meters in Milton
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What are your thoughts on metered parking in Milton?

First of all, your editor was not going to even post these results, because the survey was flawed (read details on why).

However, I have received many requests for statistics on the survey, so here they are:

18% of respondents said YES. 80% said NO and 2% weren’t sure.

Parking Meters in Milton

Some comments from Milton Neighbors about parking meters included:

“Not a huge parking issue, don’t see the point.”

“Residential neighborhoods abutting commercial districts already suffer significantly from overflow parking and traffic.  Parking meters will lead to additional parking in these residential neighborhoods as people try to avoid the fee.  This is both a safety issue for the resident children as well as a quality of life issue.  No parking meters!”

“Nothing discourages a small town feeling than parking meetings when [you are]just running to the fruit center or dunkin’…. Just adds another hassle to my day!”

“There’s not enough parking spots available and this would be one one to address that.”

“The charm of Milton is that it is a small town, yet very accessible to Boston. Adding parking meters, etc. may seem like small items, however will cause Milton to lose some of its charm and beauty!”

“Meters encourage turnover and turnover is good for business. And with tech advances, residents won’t need quarters, they can just use an app.”

“I have 4 small kids, errands in my hometown all day everyday, I support local businesses, this will be a monetary burden, inconvenient and another expense on top of taxes and trash stickers.”

“Meters are long overdue.”

“I am from Medford and they recently tried this initiative and it has been a total disaster. No one likes it. Don’t go there.”

“Have all of the business owners park at the Congressional church. There will be plenty of parking if they parked at an off campus location.”

“With the new parking lot and the [expressway change] pending, meters are premature. Businesses aren’t complaining that customers can’t park so why meters? Elected officials are looking to make money, but may actually hurt businesses resulting in hurting our squares.”

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