Two parking spots removed from Bassett Street

Bassett Street parking spots
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Two parking spots removed from Bassett Street

You may have noticed that two parking spots have been removed from Bassett Street, near Franklin Street, in East Milton Square.

For those who frequently travel this area, you’ve probably that you could not simultaneously have a car traveling in both directions on Basset when the two now-removed spots were occupied, creating a one-lane like experience.

According to East Milton resident and planning board member, Rich Boehler, this situation was “dangerous for drivers and kids walking.” Boehler brought up the issue with the traffic committee. The committee’s engineer confirmed, upon measuring, that it’s not wide enough for a parking spot.

Boehler said the planning board is interested in looking into parking and traffic issues during the East Milton overlay process as well as enforcement for deliveries and illegal parking and finding more parking where it’s appropriate.

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