Town of Milton to conduct inflow investigations

Milton Inflow Investigation programMilton Inflow Investigation program
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DPW Door to Door Inflow Investigations to take place Nov. 12-Dec. 18

In order to improve sewer service, on behalf of the Town of Milton, Weston & Sampson will be conducting inflow investigations in selected portions of the sanitary sewer system. The inspections are being conducted as part of Milton’s 2015 Inflow Investigation Program.

The purpose of inflow inspections is to locate sources of rainwater entering the sanitary sewer, such as roof leaders, yard and driveway drains, and sump pumps that are improperly connected to the sewer system. By redirecting these sources, the Town of Milton will reduce the amount of wastewater it sends to the MWRA’s Deer Island Treatment Facility.

Inflow inspections will be conducted by the town’s wastewater consultants, Weston & Sampson, in a “door-to-door” fashion from November 12 through December 18, 2015, Monday through Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Inspections at each home will last about  10-15 minutes and will be performed by a two-person team.  The team will evaluate the basement or equivalent lowest level of each building to determine if any of the common sources of inflow may be connected to the sewer system.  The exterior of each building will also be checked for potential inflow sources.

For your convenience inflow inspections may be scheduled in advance by calling (857) 598-4372.

All persons performing inflow inspections will carry proper photo identification.

The Town of Milton is asking every homeowner to help by taking part in the Inflow Investigation Program.

If you have any questions or would like to set up an inspection appointment, please call our wastewater consultant, Weston & Sampson at 857-598-4372.

A Message from the Milton DPW.

Map for areas affected by the inflow investigations:

Town of Milton to Conduct Inflow Investigations

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