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Potholders by BevPotholders by Bev
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Potholders by Bev

Potholders by Bev

Milton neighbor delights residents with handmade potholders.

In August of 2014, Heidi Graf came back to Milton from her parents’ home in Syracuse with armloads of potholders crocheted by her elderly mother. Her goal was to try to see if she could sell them online and to prove to her dad that they are quality pot holders that others would value. Her dad, Bob, gave her a wink and a nudge, believing that Heidi was just trying to help him remove the overflowing towers of pot holders that were slowly overtaking the living room.

Heidi has been a long time member of Milton Neighbors Facebook page and the Milton Mall Facebook page and was encouraged to “market” her mom’s wares on Facebook by friends.

She immediately sold numerous sets — as people purchased them and then told their friends about their high quality. Her dad was absolutely stunned and pleased when she presented her mom and dad with an envelope of the proceeds from just a brief sale.

“My dad was so astonished and pleased. It will always be one of the last fond memories I have of him.” –Heidi Graf.

Sadly, in just two months, Bob suffered an aortic aneurism and after a successful surgery, succumbed to an apparent fatal heart attack.

In November 2014, Heidi’s mom came to live permanently here in Milton. Bev has dementia and is unable to live alone.

“It has been a fairly easy adjustment for us to have my mom living with us. She is creative, sweet, and easy-going. Her crocheting has been her sanity. It’s what has kept her grounded mentally and busy physically.” In fact, citing an article by the Mayo Clinic, Heidi explains that making things helps people feel productive even when Alzheimer’s or dementia takes other skills away. Living with dementia can also be very stressful and it helps to have calming activities like knitting and crocheting to reduce anxiety.

Heidi will be at the Milton Art Center Craft Fair on Saturday, December 5 and the Thayer Nursery Holiday Bazaar on Sunday, December 6 with “Pot Holders by Bev.”

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