Basketball hoops impacting snow removal to be confiscated starting Jan. 11

Basketball hoopBasketball hoop
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Time to de-hoop and de-net your property, neighbors!

Letters were sent to 172 homeowners in early November notifying them that the basketball hoop (or other private property) in front of their house was located on public property which would hinder effective snow operations. The letter gave until November 15th as a deadline to have these items removed, otherwise the items would be deemed abandoned and collected and disposed of by the Milton DPW.

Milton DPW will be removing these hoops as they pose a safety concern to the general public as well as our plow crews working the winter snow events. –Milton DPW

Given the unusual autumn weather, no hoops have been confiscated. Many owners respectfully complied with the order and removed the hoops, for which we are thankful. December 29th and 30th we saw this year’s first snowfall which revealed that very many homeowners have not complied with the order to remove private property from the public way. This date is more than a month and a half after the stated deadline. The items left in the street have already impacted snow removal in some neighborhoods during the very first storm of the season.

As of January 4th, all basketball hoops, hockey nets, or any other private property located in the Town right of way is deemed to be abandoned.

A directive has been issued that effective, Monday, January 11th DPW forces will begin to confiscate, remove, and dispose of all of these items in accordance with Milton Bylaws.

Shared from the Milton Department of Public Works.

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