“The Compass and Navigation in Milton History” to be discussed at annual Fireside Chats

Suffolk Resolves House in Milton, winterSuffolk Resolves House in Milton, winter
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Suffolk Resolves House Curator Jon Green to present.

Jon Green, Curator at the Suffolk Resolves House, will present  “The Compass and Navigation in Milton History” at the annual Fireside Chats being held at the house, 1370 Canton Avenue, Milton. These presentations are scheduled for:

Saturday, January 23, 2016 (10 a.m.)


Wednesday, February 24, 2016 (7 p.m.) – (repeat program)

Navigation has profoundly impacted Milton’s history. The story begins when Massachusett Indians from Mattapan traveled down the Neponset River to Thompson Island to trade furs with English fishermen.

It progresses to the rise of shipbuilding and industry along the Neponset, and further into the twentieth century with the development of the Star compass in 1905 in Dorchester.   In 1929 Gustave Salzgeber (the founder of the company) moved to Antwerp Street in East Milton.  From 1929-1969 over 200,000 compasses were manufactured in the East Milton shop.

In one form or another, navigation has shaped local society, politics, and commerce.

Due to limited space, seating is by reservation only.

To reserve your seat, contact Eleanor at 617-696-4115 or [email protected].

More information about the Milton Historical Society: www.miltonhistoricalsociety.org


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