Milton Resident Kerby Roberson announces candidacy for State Representative

Kerby Roberson, Candidate for 2016 State Representative election
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Dear friends,

I have decided to run for State Representative to represent the Massachusetts 7th. Norfolk District, Milton Precincts 3 to 10 and Randolph Precincts 1 to 3 and Precincts 7 to 10. I truly believe that to effect lasting and positive changes for our community we have to be at the table where the policies are being drafted.

Kerby Roberson, Candidate for 2016 State Representative election

Kerby Roberson, Candidate for 2016 State Representative election

Many of you know that this is not my first attempt to enter the political arena. My previous runs for political office, have been successful not because I won, but because I have learned how to win.  I have learned that I have to come to you first and ask you to join me in this exciting venture. In fact, this is your fight. Like me, you dream of a better tomorrow for your family. Like me, you want to have a voice in the way your children are being educated at school. Like me, you want your children to do better economically than we have done ourselves.  Like me, you want to be confident that your child will live in a society where he or she is judged by his acts and character and by no other characteristics, be it color, religion or sexual orientation.

My strong belief is that each of us has the responsibility to contribute, in any way we can, to making our community a better place to live, for our family. This contribution involves the shaping of policies affecting our everyday lives, locally and statewide. This desire to serve has motivated me to run for a seat on the board of selectmen in Milton, twice in the past. Following these efforts, I served the town as a Warrant /Finance Committee member for 3 years voting to approve the town’s budget, as a Fair Housing Committee member and as a Town Meeting member for over 6 years. I also volunteered in the Milton’s “No Place for Hate” committee, and the “Celebrate Milton” working group.

Now I want to serve the town and the district by helping to shape policies, at the Massachusetts State House. As such, I am confident that the District cannot have a better advocate for democratic values such as income inequality, education, public safety, equal rights for everyone including the LGBT community, and access to jobs for the youth, etc. Most of all, through grants, education, I want to forge a real partnership between the police and the community to make the District an American model for community policing.

I need your help and support to make this happen. Please join me and let the world know that we have a voice in our vote; and we will make that voice heard on September 8, 2016 by voting Kerby Roberson, State Representative for the 7th Norfolk District.


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