Milton may get a little slower — hope for speed limit reduction from 30 to 25

Milton may get a little slower
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Milton Board of Selectmen recommend reducing speed limit from 30 to 25

The Board of Selectmen voted on December 20 in favor of recommending the placement of an article on the warrant for the next Town Meeting that would lower the speed limit in thickly-settled, residential areas from 30 mph to 25 mph. The change springs from a recent modification to state law allowing cities and towns across the Commonwealth to implement such a reduction if they so choose.

Studies have shown that just a five mile per hour difference in speed can greatly increase a driver’s ability to avoid an accident and decrease the severity of injury to accident victims. Other communities adopting the change include Boston and Somerville. At the hearing, Selectman Tom Hurley and Milton Police Chief John King expressed support for the measure while noting that enforcement could be a challenge particularly if neighboring communities such as Quincy and Canton do not follow suit.

The East Milton Neighborhood Association led the grass-roots effort to undertake the speed limit reduction with the support of many other neighborhood associations in town. Selectman Katie Conlon introduced the measure earlier this month that was adopted this past Tuesday.

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