Thatcher Farm answers your questions about Milton dairy delivery & more!

Thatcher Farm answers your questions about Milton dairy delivery & more!
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Q&A with Milton’s own Thatcher Farm

Q: How long have you been in the dairy farm business?

Thatcher Farm was founded by the Manning Family in 1891. We are celebrating 126 years of business this year under the same family ownership!

Q: Where do your dairy products come from?

We partner with a family owned farm in N. Haverhill NH to supply hormone free milk that is the freshest milk available. It is like having a cow in your backyard.

Q: I’ve always been interested in delivery, but nobody is home at my residence during the day. How would the delivery work for me?

Convenience, freshness and sustainability are key to Thatcher Farm and enjoying all our products. We provide insulated Thatcher Farm milk boxes (for purchase) – Or you can leave a cooler at the door you prefer that we deliver to. On warm days we suggest leaving an ice pack in the box/cooler.

Q: Do glass bottles still exist?

Yes!! We believe the original glass bottle is the best way to experience your milk. Reusable glass is not just sustainable but superior in retaining the fresh flavor, and keeps the milk cold longer! Plus, it just makes you smile.

Q: What other products do you offer besides milk?

We continuously source local products ranging from eggs, bacon, honey and an array of fresh dairy products to bring the best local products conveniently to your doorstep. Our product list (online at can easily cut your trips to the store.

Q: I’ve heard milk and dairy delivery is economical. How so?

Thatcher Farm Home delivery puts fresh, healthy products on your doorstep saving time and money – we charge a nominal delivery charge, but are far less expensive than the large corporate delivery services and far more convenient than a trip to the grocery store and you receive a superior product.

Q: Are there any Growth Hormones (rBST) in your milk?

Never! We believe that milk is meant to be fresh, local and hormone free.

Q: What if I try out delivery but need to take a break?

You can conveniently manage your orders on-line ( and even opt into email reminders so you are reminded of your delivery days and what you ordered. Or you can always call our office at 617 696 6000 the day before your delivery to put it on hold for a vacation.

Q: What if I am looking for a special dairy product? Can you get it for me?

We are always looking for local specialty products and love to delight our customers – if it comes from a cow, we likely have it, or know a farmer that can provide it.

Q: What are you known for?

Thatcher Farm Chocolate milk and egg nog (seasonal) in glass bottles is to die for. But most of all it is our commitment to convenience and delivering the freshest products available to you. We are proud of our 126 year heritage and humbled to serve all our loyal customers.

Q: How do I order or get in touch?

Visit, call us at 617-696-6000 or email us at [email protected].

–With Maritta Cronin and Melissa Fassel Dunn.

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