Historian Christopher Daley to talk about the history of the Irish in Boston

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Historian Christopher Daley returns to the Milton Public Library on Thursday, March 9th at 7:00 p.m. to give a talk called “No Irish Need Apply: The History of the Irish in Boston.” Mr. Daley has been giving talks of historical interest in New England for over 20 years and is an engaging speaker.

This lecture tells the story of the Irish who were brought over unwillingly as indentured servants in the mid-17th century and the later arrival of Scot-Irish. Learn about the rise in anti-Irish Catholic sentiment as immigrants continued to settle in Boston in the 19th century. Discover the life of the Boston Irish after the Great Potato Famine migration – the neighborhoods, working life, organizations, and assimilation into American culture – and their rise in Boston politics.

For more information on Mr. Daley’s talk, contact Jean Hlady, Adult Services Librarian, at (617) 698-5757, x. 3.

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