Julia Getman to run for Town Meeting representative

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Dear Neighbors:

My name is Julia Getman and I hope you will consider me for your Town Meeting representative on April 25th. As Warrant Committee Clerk I attend every meeting and hear department heads describe the Town’s intricate financial needs. As administrative staff to the Planning Department I am exposed daily to the complex and controversial process of development in our community and at twice monthly meetings am able to listen first hand to the concerns of residents at “Citizen’s Speak.” As a parent to two Tucker Elementary kids, I hold a stake in the success of our exceptional schools and am obligated to support their top-ranking position in the state of Massachusetts. As a member of the Audubon Society with a degree in Historic Preservation I am protective of our Town’s natural and cultural assets, and finally, as a resident who recognizes how lucky I am to live in such a diverse, exceptional and swiftly growing urban outskirt, I am aware of tax rate concerns and questions about amenities. Please consider me an engaged, invested member of our community and accepting of feedback of any kind.

Moving forward in the best interests of Precinct 10 and the town as a whole,

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