November 4 Select Board Meeting Update: Liquor license for new restaurant discussed; December Town Meeting will be virtual

Select Board Update
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November 4 Select Board Meeting Update: Liquor license for new restaurant discussed; December Town Meeting will be virtual

The meeting opened up with discussion of the liquor license for 88 Wharf, which will be the site for the proposed restaurant Madre. The discussion focused on the hours of operation and seating capacity from 12 to 30 seats at the bar and other new changes. The applicant made a presentation during this time. Ned Corcoran spoke on behalf of the condominium association, and The Select Board took calls from the public. Many residents have reached out in support of the liquor license transfer.

The Victuallers’ license for Revive was discussed with the owner joining to speak about this business. She is hoping to open the beginning of December. The Select Board motions in favor of approval.

The moderator, Bob Hiss, joined the meeting to discuss the remote/virtual town meeting scheduled for Dec. 7, with the new restrictions from the gathering of 50 to 10 people, The Select Board motions in favor of approval for the virtual meeting.

Covid19 Updates

People are to wear a mask at all times, restaurants are to close at 9:30 p.m. Milton is currently in yellow status, but could be moving to red soon. For more information and the most up to date information regarding the pandemic, you can go to

More small business grants to be distributed due to Covid19.

The Governor’s latest guidance trumps the advisory proclamation to protect mask zones. The Select Board will look into additional signage to reinforce the Governor’s orders.

Master Plan Implementation Committee Updates

The Chair of the Master Plan Implementation Committee joined the meeting to present the Exhibit for the Milton Center (preferred concept plan). She explained that the committee is attempting to identify a downtown area, the discussion focused on the creation and development of new facilities and buildings, the next steps, and follow up regarding input from residents of surrounding neighborhoods. Capital requests will need to be formally addressed through the Capital Improvement Committee.

Project Eligibility Applications Updates

Update for Project Eligibility applications for 2 locations, for low income housing.

The Board of Appeals seems to be overwhelmed with the amount of applications sitting in front of them, and a suggestion to slow down the pace of applications being submitted was mentioned. A few callers voiced concerns about the feel of the town going from suburban to urban and the safety of the children in the neighborhoods. Comments will be reviewed at the November 18th meeting as well as follow up comments will be entertained.

The winter 2021 Town Meeting was approved to be held on Feb 1, 2021.

Public Records Requests

A request was made for an internal stipend for a current union employee to succeed the current Public Records Officer. The transition from the current Clerk to the next PRO should be seamless.

The alternative (plan b) is to bring in a part time employee.

The Select Board approves the request to support the first requested proposal.

Budget and Financial Planning Advisory Committee Updates

This will be a committee of 3. There has been good interest shown, hopefully this committee will be appointed within the next couple of weeks.

Gazebo Use Application

The Rotary Club of Milton submitted the application for the annual memorial tree placement. The tree is to be placed in the gazebo for the month of December, decorated with lights to go on at night. Two people will be tasked with setting up the tree the week of Dec 1. There will not be the traditional gathering this year due to Covid19. Lights can be purchased and you can have your love one’s names added to the list of names to be read off at this event. The event will be recorded for cable on Dec 9. The Select Board motions to approve this application.

Approval of Conservation Restriction for Wentworth Farms

Revisions by the state have been submitted and the documents are ready to be signed by The Select Board at this meeting. The Select Board votes to approve the revisions submitted.

Additional Items for Discussion

  • Youth Task Force appointment discussion, term for 1 year, The Select Board motions in favor.
  • Conservation Commission appointment discussion, term for 3 years, The Select Board motions in favor.
  • Select Board Goals and Objectives approval for 2020/2021, The Select Board motions in favor of.
  • Approval of meeting minutes, The Select Board motions in favor of.

The Town Administrator gave remarks: Most of the election work is completed. Newly elected officials will be invited to join the next Select Board meeting. Special shout out to DPW forest tree crew, they had to handle back to back storms, the crew is working very hard.

Household hazardous waste drop off to take place Sat Nov 7 from 9-12 at the DPW yard, recycling center will also be open at the same time.

FAA’s Draft environmental assessment comments are due on Nov. 20.

Community happenings-MBTA public meeting, state of public transportation, dates to be put up on Town of Milton website.

Veterans Day will be a small ceremony on the gazebo to be televised live on Milton access television.

The next Select Board Meeting will be held on November 18, 2020.



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