Margaret McAveeney to run for Town Meeting Member in Precinct 3

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Margaret McAveeney (a citizen, not a politician),
Candidate for Town Meeting Member in Precinct 3

I am a semi-retired professional with extensive experience in commercial and residential real estate. For over 20 years I managed properties including those of one of Boston’s most well-known and respected property owners. I managed his portfolio of high rise office buildings on Beacon Hill and Boston’s Financial District; with some of the most powerful organizations and people in Massachusetts. One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is that people want to be heard, treated fairly with honesty and respect. People want to know they receive full value for their financial investments, regardless of their financial status. These are some of the most important yet basic principles by which I live.

“I am a Citizen, not a politician”…

I’ve volunteered in local charities, served as Board Secretary for Hingham League of Women Voters and supported candidates that I felt strongly about. I’ve been host mom to foreign students attending UMASS Boston. It’s been such a rewarding experience. Most of these students have never enjoyed the basic freedoms that many so often take for granted. Freedom of speech or living in a democracy, being able to participate in government, and voting are things that I cherish and these students struggle to understand.

This past year I was asked to join the Warrant Committee. I was humbled and privileged to have served. I was warned about the time needed to serve on this committee, but knew it was necessary, and so I fully immersed myself in the process, in order to make informed decisions on the warrant budgets and articles. Milton voters deserve to know all the facts, not just certain facts presented to them or shared by some politicians. If something didn’t seem right to me, I’d ask questions. If the answers didn’t make sense, I’d press on until they did.

I am shocked at how many town meeting members constantly are absent or leave town meeting early. In my Precinct 3, one member seeking re-election missed 8 out of 12 meetings (67%). This member attended the 4 meetings in the first year elected and did not attend even one meeting after that. Another member seeking re-election missed 6 out of 12 meetings (50%). This member attended 2 meetings in the first year and missed all 4 meetings the second year. There are other members missing more than three town meetings but not seeking re-election. I pledge to attend every Town Meeting; good health allowing.

A Town Meeting member is one of the most important local civic contributions one can make. You are voting on millions of dollars that affect the welfare and the future of your children, family, friends, and neighbors. You have an obligation to educate yourself on town warrant articles, to attend and vote to represent the voters in your precinct. You also have an obligation to your fellow TMM’s who constantly go above and beyond what is required of them.

“I am a Citizen, not a politician”… a voter, a concerned resident and taxpayer. I am running for Town Meeting member to represent the members in my precinct by actively participating, listening and understanding what is important to you. I will work with other dedicated TMM’s and committees to improve communication, accountability of town government and town meeting members.

Our tax dollars are voted on by the town meeting members you elect. Make your voice heard; your vote counts.

I will be reaching out to as many people as possible over the next few weeks. In the meantime if you have any questions, please contact me.

Email: [email protected]

I would appreciate your Precinct 3 vote for Margaret McAveeney, Town Meeting Member

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