Have you paid your Budget Sunshine Fee?

Budget Sunshine Fee?
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BS Fees due!

Milton officials recently announced the implementation of the new Budget Sunshine Fee.  After discussing Milton’s budget shortfall, a town official explained the need for the fee in that “…the periodic lack of clouds over Greater Boston during daytime hours provides Milton’s homes and commercial properties with much enjoyed sunshine.

It’s only fair that, given such circumstances, this BS Fee be remitted to the town.”

Commencing on July 1, 2017, residents and businesses will have to pay the BS Fee based upon the amount of  sunlight that falls on their property. This amount is determined by the Milton DPW using a formula that it completely made up.

Annual BS Fees for residential properties of less than one quarter of an acre will be required to pay $77 annually while those of one quarter acre or greater will pay an annual BS amount of $127.

Notice of the fee will be mailed from Lake Wobegon, Minnesota with incorrect amounts on June 1st and re-mailed with corrected amounts on June 5th (at no cost to the town).

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