Do you need to get the word out about your local business?

Your business, in front of 7500 people.Your business, in front of 7500 people.
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Advertise your business with a Sponsored Story!

What is a sponsored story?

  • Sponsored stories are very flexible promotional news stories or announcements about whatever you want to promote with your business.
  • These stories appear in several places, listed below, including the Milton Scene website.
  • Sponsored stories can be an introduction to what your business does, an announcement about a special event, or an introductory offer or special.
  • Your business is responsible for the writing the content for the story – whether it be an informational story, blurb, or announcement (please do not stylize your story; we do not post fliers).
  • Your story may include up to three images. Add a gallery of up to 10 images for an additional $40.
  • See examples of Milton Scene sponsored stories.
Advertise on the Milton Scene: Sponsored Post

Advertise on the Milton Scene: Sponsored Story Post

A Milton Scene sponsored story includes:

  • One promotional news story on the Milton Scene. 
  • Inclusion of your news story one time in the daily email list, sent daily to over 1,700 subscribers.
  • Inclusion in the Milton Scene online calendar, if applicable.
  • Nine social media posts promoting the story, usually over a 2-3 week period:
  • Any included or related promotions for Milton Scene readers get excellent results.

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