Milton Police to set tracking system to locate residents with a cognitive issue

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Milton Women’s Club to help put program in place to track residents with a cognitive issue

Thanks to the generosity of the Milton Women’s Club, the Milton Police now have a helpful new tracking system to locate residents who have any type of cognitive issue.  This will be especially helpful for those dealing with Alzheimer’s or other forms of Dementia.   It is also helpful to children with Autism who have a tendency to wander.  It really helps our entire community.  Police officers have been trained on the system and it is just amazing how quickly they can now locate a person who has wandered.  THIS PROGRAM WILL SAVE LIVES!  If you would like to find out more about this specialized program, please call us at 617-898-4893 and we will put you in touch with our Elder Affairs Officer, Patty Mandevile who will explain the program to you.  Special thanks to Patty, Chief John King and Deputy Chief Jim O’Neill for all their support in bringing this much needed program to the town. The members of the Milton Women’s Club should be very proud of funding this grant request.  We thank them on behalf of our entire town.

The town of Milton certainly does a great job of working together.

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