Wotiz Gallery to feature Milton artist Dr. Prasanta Mitra

Dr. Prasanta Mitra
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Wotiz Gallery to feature Milton artist Dr. Prasanta Mitra

Exhibit to be called “Learning Forever”

During the month of June 2019, the Milton Public Library is hosting the paintings of Milton artist Dr. Prasanta Mitra in the Wotiz Gallery in an exhibit called “Learning Forever.” Dr. Mitra has a true love of art and has been concentrating on drawing and painting more since he retired from medicine. His colorful images cover a wide range of subjects, from animals to landscapes to people. In 2016, he began taking classes with the excellent teacher Michael Donima of Hull, and he also studied with another great teacher, Robert Farrell of Squantum. Prasanta studied watercolor, acrylic painting, and also tried his hand at pen and ink sketching. This is what he says about his life and his work: “I was born in Kolata, India, and came to the United States for higher education and training in medicine. I was a urological surgeon and practiced in several hospitals for 40 years, including Quincy, Milton and South Shore Hospital and a five-year stint at VA hospitals, both in West Virginia and Boston. Although I did not have much time outside practicing medicine, all my life I had been interested in artistic pursuits, especially photography, and I was a member of the South Shore Camera Club for many years. But it was not until some years after I retired from medicine that I really began to immerse myself in painting and sketching… It is incredible how you start to see the world differently when you make art – shadows and shades of color take on new dimensions and meaning. I am still learning to find my own “voice” in my art as I work on various subjects and moods. I believe that learning should be a continuous and lifelong engagement. It is never too late to try something new. If, from this display of art by a novice student, I can motivate anyone of any age to make art – whether a complete beginner or someone who wants to get back to it after awhile – I will consider my mission is a success. Please note that half of the proceeds from any sales shown in this display will be donated to BID-Milton Hospital, a wonderful and important institution in my life.” So we are honored to host the work of Prasanta Mitra from June 1-30, and I encourage you to come and take a look at this lovely display when you get a chance. In addition there will be a free and open reception held in the Gallery from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 5th, where you can also meet the artist. Also if you know someone who is interested in applying for an exhibit, please Email Jean Hlady, Head of Adult Services/Reference, at [email protected].

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