Meet the Installer and team behind Solarize Milton at Milton Public Library

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Solarize Milton to host informational meeting on how solar can work for your home or business

What is Solarize Milton?

Solarize Milton is a new program in town sponsored by joint effort with the Town and Sustainable Milton. A leading solar installer located here in Massachusetts, SolarFlair Energy, was selected through this competitive bid process as the program’s solar installer. Solarize Massachusetts, now in its 8th year, has resulted in about 3300 solarized properties in 63 communities, and 21.6 megawatts of contracted capacity.

Since March 1, about 60 Miltonians have registered for site feasibility assessments (free). The more Milton contract commitments the lower the price.* The program works for single-family and multi-unit homeowners, landlords, and condo owners going solar with ownership, leasing, and power purchase agreement options. Local Milton businesses are also encouraged to join the program and enjoy similar benefits as well.

Don’t miss this last opportunity on April 11th to meet the Installer and team leading this effort at the Milton Public Library from 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Ask questions and learn how solar can work for your home or business with pricing 15-20% lower than the average cost for solar. Additional benefits to going solar include an average payback for system in just five years. You may also be eligible for a 30-percent federal investment tax credit and a Massachusetts personal income tax credit up to $1,000.

In addition, you have the potential to add to your home’s value, and capture a great return on just investing in your own property and reducing your energy bills. Going solar also supports local jobs and clean energy generation, and provides the source of electricity for those looking to make the transition to an electric vehicle and offsetting additional greenhouse gases.

The starting Solar PV tier price is $3.08 per watt in this program, but that cost will dip down in steps as the number of homes increases, to a base of $ 3.00 per watt if the program gets to over 400 KW’s (or 100 homes with average of 4KW per home). On a 4KW system, this would be $320.00 (.08 x 4000 W), retroactively reimbursed to all those already signed up in the program. This community effort encourages all of us to share the good news with our neighbors, and have them sign up for the free assessment with SolarFlair to see if their home is a good candidate.

To learn more about Solarize Milton:

Learn more and schedule your site visit today, by visiting There you can schedule your site visit and learn more about how going solar can help the environment and save you money! Program sign up deadline is May 1st.

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