Hendries demolition discussed at May 29 Warrant Committee Meeting

Hendries Factory Milton MA
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Hendries demolition discussed at May 29 Warrant Committee Meeting

By Doug Scibeck.

The Warrant Committee met on May 29 to hear a report from the Board of Selectmen and Town Administrator regarding the demolition of Hendries. Richard Wells, newly elected Chair of the Board of Selectmen, and Selectmen Katie Conlon accompanied TA Michael Dennehy who related details of why the demolition did not take place in May as originally planned.

Dennehy told the committee changes to the reporting requirements for the state Department of Environmental Protection meant DEP did not provide final approval for demolition. The developer is working to provide floorpans and other documentation to supplement samples provided to MassDEP for asbestos previously removed from sections of the building. The documentation outlines the specific location in the building of the origination of the samples so MassDEP is assured those samples meet requirements. Asbestos from the roof of one section of the building was recently removed. MassDEP needed to certify all remaining asbestos has been removed to provide approval for demolition.

The Warrant Committee also confirmed the transfer of previously approved money from the reserve account to the selectmen for the purpose of MBTA diversion needed for Hendries demolition. The was authorized by previous Town Meeting and was partially transferred at the previous Warrant Committee meeting. At that meeting the Warrant Committee Chair was voted authority to release all the funds as needed. That final transfer was confirmed again after brief questioning. The selectmen also clarified that the tax-payer money was only to pay for costs associate with diversion of trolley service. The money does not pay for any demolition but only for the MBTA to divert trolley service to buses while demolition occurs.

Chief Appraiser Robert Bushway presented to the committee a request for authorization to hire the position of Assessor Technician. Bushway explained that the transfer of a clerk to another office allowed for him to apply for this long needed position without expanding his department. The technician will preform duties currently outsourced to various vendors. The new technician will be able to review building permits and then examine real estate in order to accurately and in a timely manner adjust property taxes. The committee approved the position.

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