MSAPC warns residents about Synthetic Marijuana

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MSAPC warns residents about Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic Marijuana can be deadly, warns MSAPC

Synthetic marijuana is a public health danger that the Milton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition wants Milton residents to be aware of. Synthetic “pot” is made by taking plant material and spraying it with chemicals that can mimic the high from marijuana. However, it can also cause brain swelling, kidney damage and death, as well as mental changes such as paranoia and violence. Authorities have detected scores of chemicals in synthetic marijuana, and say the chemical composition can vary. Some ingredients in synthetic marijuana are banned by federal or state law. As an unregulated product, synthetic marijuana is not tested for safety.

You probably have heard that over 70 people overdosed near Yale University recently. Outbreaks have happened with more frequency across the country. Thousands of people call poison control centers each year because of tainted marijuana, including with rat poison.

Synthetic marijuana first turned up in the U.S. about ten years ago. Some marijuana users turn to it because it is inexpensive and cannot be detected by drug tests. The drug is easy to get ahold of, and authorities say people have been able to buy it online or in convenience stores and gas stations. It is sold under names like K2, AK47, Spice, Kush, Kronic, and Scooby Snax. It is a Schedule 1 drug, joining cocaine and heroin as a drug with high abuse potential.

Despite the fact that recreational marijuana has become legalized, you should know that the synthetic form can have serious consequences. We advise you to share this information with your loved ones.

For more information about Synthetic Marijuana:

For more information, visit the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

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