New recycling bin delivery begins Monday, Sept. 10 – read FAQs here!

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New recycling bin delivery begins Monday, Sept 10

New Recycle Bin News: Frequently asked questions about recycling carts

By Hillary Waite, environmental coordinator Milton Department of Public Works.

The Milton Department of Public Works is pleased to announce Milton’s new wheeled recycling cart program. The program is designed to improve town recycling rates, provide cleaner streets and neighborhoods, and lower the town’s overall trash disposal costs. The rolling carts are designed for dump trucks that use semi-automated collection, allowing the hauler to move more quickly and safely through town streets.
Each address will receive one town-issued 64-gallon recycling cart. Multi-family homes will receive two carts. Cart deliveries begin Monday, Sept. 10, 2018.

Milton residents are great recyclers, and we know program improvements will help our residents continue to recycle whenever possible. For more information about waste reduction, including information about composting at home, you can visit the DPW’s online resources at works.

Helpful information

Q. Is anything else changing about the collection program?

A. No. Your collection schedule and the items that can be recycled will remain the same, and trash still needs to have a sticker. Items should still be out by 7 a.m. on trash day.

Q. What do I do with my old recycling bin?

A. If you have a blue “Milton Recycles” tub-style bin, we welcome you to keep it and use it for storage or as another household bin. If you have other recycling barrels, you can continue to use them for trash, yard waste, or additional recyclables. Just make sure it’s properly labeled so sanitation workers know to pick it up.

Q. When can I use the cart?

A. You can use your cart immediately after you receive it on your next waste pickup day. All household recycling should go in the cart.

Q. What if my recyclables don’t fit in the cart?

A. You are still able (and encouraged!) to recycle as much as you can. If you have other bins or barrels, please fill the cart first, then set out additional bins or barrels if you need to.

Q. Can I have another cart?

A. The town’s cart fleet is not yet large enough to support requests for additional carts. You can continue to set out your old recycling bins, boxes, and carts along with the town cart if necessary.

Q. What items can I put in the cart?

A. We are enclosing a magnet with information about what can go in the bin and what items cannot. Some things that should not be recycled include plastic bags, fabric/clothing, Styrofoam, and food-soiled items.

Q. Who owns the carts? Why do they have serialnumbers?

A. The carts are property of the town of Milton. If you move, the cart must remain at the address to which it was distributed. You may personalize your cart with a decal or sticker, but do not mark up the carts with paint or markers. Each cart is associated with a household, and serial numbers are used to match carts to households and keep track of the fleet of carts. Serial numbers and Radio Frequency Identification tags (RFID) associated with each cart help the town track maintenance and location information of the carts. No personal information about cart users is tracked by the RFID tags.

Q. What if my cart is damaged or goes missing?

A: Since the carts are town property, the town will help repair or replace carts that are damaged during regular operations or go missing. A replacement form is available online in the Trash and Recycling section of the town website,, or you can call the DPW.

Q. How do I contact DPW?

A: More information about trash and recycling is available on the town website. Navigate to, hover over “Departments,” and click “Recycling” or visit To ask a question or report a missed pickup, call the DPW at 617-898-4900 (press 1 for the trash line).

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